vaild marriage?


Ok, I’m having a debate with my fiance [my fiance is pentacostal] about what a valid marraige is to the catholic church.
Because I am not baptised, confirmed etc., it’s to my understanding that I cannot get married in a catholic church. Is this true?

Also, my fiance says that if I get married in a protestant church, how he would like it, and I become catholic after the marriage, the church will not see our marriage as valid because it wasn’t performed in a catholic church/by a catholic priest. Is this true?

He also thinks that if I get baptised/confirmed before the wedding, the marriage would not be seen as valid. Is this true?

I dont’ know if you know anythign about this but…because I am not baptised in any faith at all, am I able to have a valid marriage in any church, be it catholic or protestant???



The Catholic Church assumes the validity of marriages between non-Catholics, even if unbaptized. Since neither of you are Catholic you cannot marry in the Catholic Church.

If you marry in a Protestant Church your marriage will be assumed valid. If you later become Catholic this will in no way invalidate your marriage.

If you become baptized in the Catholic Church (or you are received into the Church after a valid baptism) before you marry, you will then be under the Church’s authority and bound by canon law to marry in the Church or to be formally dispensed from this obligation.

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