Vaishnava (Hindu)-Christian Dialogue Discusses Relationship Between God And Suffering


WASHINGTON (April 30, 2007)- - The most recent in a ten-year long series of meetings between Vaishnava Hindus and a group of Catholic and Protestant Christians took up the difficult topic of “theodicy”: the relationship between God and suffering, and the origin of evil in the world.

The 10th annual Vaishnava-Christian Dialogue was held at Rockwood Manor, Potomac, Maryland, April 13-14 [2007].

Since Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all committed to a monotheistic doctrine of God as all-good and powerful, there is the persistent problem of explaining how evil can exist without altering God’s attributes. Theodicy is an attempt to reconcile God’s perfect goodness and power with the reality of evil in the world and in one’s own human life. Scholars in the Vaishnava-Hindu tradition have also addressed themselves to the great questions of theodicy: “Why has God permitted so much pain and suffering in the universe?”

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