Val Demings is in the Mix to Become Joe Biden's Running Mate. Is Her Police Background an Asset or a Liability?

By Lissandra Villa

July 9, 2020 8:46 AM EDT

On the cusp of Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial in January, Val Demings went to dinner at a Washington seafood joint, the Salt Line, with her colleague Hakeem Jeffries. The two Representatives had recently been chosen, with five other House Democrats, to present the case to remove the President from office–the first two Black presidential impeachment managers in American history. As they discussed the weight of the role, Jeffries, the chair of the House Democratic Caucus, made a prediction. “When this is all said and done,” he told Demings, “you’re going to be on the short list for Vice President.”

“Get out of here,” Demings said.

“I just have that feeling, Val,” Jeffries insisted. “The world is getting ready to see what we here in Congress already know about who you are.”

She certainly is an attractive woman. Maybe they won’t want to pick her because she was in the police which at this time, is not popular. I don’t think though, we should stereotype the police because of a very few bad officers.

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