Valentine’s Day 2011 – Our anniversary - Reflections of the joys of marital commitment



My Dearest Wife:

Here we are about to celebrate our 40th anniversary. As I was looking at the picture of us together in the car just after our wedding, I was struck by how lovely you looked as I put my arms around you to try and keep you warm on that cold February day so many years ago. It also made me think of our life together; where we have been, where we are going.

Even though we are old now, your picture warms my heart and makes me feel young. It also reminds me that there is more to beauty than a pretty face. When I look at you dear, I see a beauty of soul that will last across time and eternity. Even though the world grows cold, our love will keep us warm, as we grow old.

In times long past, we used to ask, why God brought us together; for we certainly had our share of problems. But, as a priest once told me, it just might be that God brought us together because we were the only one’s who could get each other to Heaven. And so I feel that the life we had must have been God’s plan for us; just as He continues to guide our path now.

Sometimes when one finds a treasure, its worth is not immediately realized. Only through the passing of time do we learn it’s true value. So too, can it be in marriage. Yes, as I said, we had a rough time of it in our younger days, but I am thankful for what we have and where we are today. I know we still have our petty squabbles and disagreements, but as we grow old, let us be content knowing that we have something that most of the world does not have. We have each other, we have the Faith, we have the Truth, which will someday lead us to Heaven.

In time my love, you and I will be, for our children, only a memory. But in the life we lived, and the love we shared, let us leave, them, and the few others who may remember us, an example of what true love and commitment is all about. Let us spend the years we have left doing as much good as we can, for the world is surely in need of what is good.

And lest the thought that someday we must part, bring sadness to our heart, let us remember that only for a moment will our hearts be still. For soon will come that glorious morn, when the light of Christ, all Heaven shall adorn. Upon the clouds we’ll meet again, in sweet embrace, where every tear and sadness shall be erased. And only then will I truly know, what a great and wondrous gift, of you, God gave to me, when once I was your husband, long, long ago.

And so my love, on the eve of our 40th anniversary, I send you all my love. I know I have many shortcomings, but with your help and understanding I will try to improve, because I feel that the closer we are together, the more good we can accomplish together.

With all my love to you my wife

Your husband.


heavenly. what a blessed couple you are!


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heavenly. what a blessed couple you are!


Thanks for the comment. God bless.


How beautiful… Happy Anniversary! :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting this! My husband and I are having a rough time right now, and I needed this reminder that Love endures all things. God bless!


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Thank you for posting this! My husband and I are having a rough time right now, and I needed this reminder that Love endures all things. God bless!


Thanks for the reply. Glad to be of help. Marriage is like climbing a mountain, if we give up before we reach the top we will never know the joy and happiness of that achievement. God bless.

We walked this path together.

We walked this path together, beneath God’s clear blue sky.
We held each other close, as we ascended life’s mountain high.

At times the world seemed so dark, as if covered by the night,
but we calmed our fear, for God was here, our Faith our guiding light.

We walked this path together, through storms and troubled days;
but through it all, we stayed the course, and followed His guiding ways.

With no more fears or sadness, all troubles laid to rest,
commitment for the future is now our goal and quest.

We climbed that mount together; on it’s summit now we stand,
and greet the morning sun, our victory now at hand.

And though our years be many, and our days be numbered few,
as on the day I married you, our love today is true.

And when someday, in the fullness of God’s time,
He calls us home to be with Him, I know just what I’ll do!
I will make my forever, an eternity of loving you!



Very sweet letter, thanks for sharing it with us! And Happy Anniversary!!


What a lovely gift to your wife and thank you for sharing it to us. I needed to hear your story. It inspired me to do better. We still struggle after 33 yrs of marriage.

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