Valentine's Day is Ash Wednesday


Valentine’s Day is on February 14th and is typically associated with celebrating with your significant other and eating chocolates and other sweets, but this year, February 14th is also Ash Wednesday, a day marked by abstinence and fasting.
How will you all treat the day? Are you doing anything different this year due to the situation?


I think everyone is probably doing something different this year, unless someone does the same things on both days.
I don’t remember Ash Wednesday was ever on Valentine’s Day.
I will be treating it as a usual Ash Wednesday


Also it will be so in 2024 and 2029.


I just don’t know what I will do with all those bouquets of flowers that will be arriving …



I think Ash wednesday is preferable
Even if you are married to a faithfull spouse (other things are.doubtfull)


The last time the dates coincided was 1945, so it isn’t that frequent an occurrence. Maybe once every 30 years or so on the average?


My husband and I don’t celebrate “Valentine’s Day” so there is no conflict.

Of course, if there were a conflict, Ash Wednesday takes precedence. So we would “celebrate” Valentine’s Day some other day.

Valentine’s Day is primarily a secular holiday, rooted in the legend of St Valentine but not a Church or liturgical celebration.

It’s not even the feast on the current liturgical calendar for the 14th in years where it is a regular weekday.


Valentines day?

more like vaLENTines day amirite


But it’s my postman I feel sorry for. He’ ll be getting a hernia again from carrying all my cards!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::raised_hands::heartpulse::heart_decoration:


As part of team forever single Valentines day has no relevance in my life lol


Valentine’s Day occurs during Lent if Easter is in March. April 1st is Easter this year


Like 1ke and her husband, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day so it’s a non-issue in our household.

Buuuuut…if we did, I could not summarily dismiss whatever he had in mind for the day. The Husband isn’t Catholic, and Ash Wednesday is just another day for him. He knows what it means to Catholics, however, so I’d expect him to understand that we can’t just ignore what the Church requires of me as a Catholic and whoop it up as if it weren’t Ash Wednesday.

I have thought about what to do in this situation, and I’ve come up with no clear way to proceed. I’d probably just suggest postponing any celebrations until the following Sunday and hope he’d be okay with that.


same here haha…



Look at the bright side, 0 risk of having a woman unilaterally decide to end the marriage and leave with 50% of the assets.


and, as someone seriously discerning the priesthood, it looks SOOOO much better than marriage, especially when you have siblings who will have kids, meaning you can play with cute nieces and nephews, but not have to change diapers :grinning::grinning:


Good on you for thinking about joining the priesthood, I know it’s not my calling but admire people who take up that mantle.


So, most people so far say they disregard Valentine’s Day instead of just celebrating it early or later.



Same here.


I think they are saying that because they always disregard Valentine’s Day, not just because it falls on Ash Wednesday this year.

My daughter would never let us pass up the opportunity to celebrate something, so we generally do stuff for the kids. We don’t generally “go out” or buy lavish presents for each other. We do something, but it’s generally low key.

This year, we’ll do it on the 13th. We’re not going to celebrate with chocolate and presents on Ash Wednesday.


I’ve sent cards to the kids and grandkids. My husband and I are going to have a little weekend getaway for an early Valetine’s Day. Then, we’ll be at church getting our ashes on the 14th and looking forward to a fruitful Lent.

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