Valentine's Day is Ash Wednesday


Husband and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend, since the weekend after is our son’s birthday.


I like that!:raised_hands:


Keep in mind that when Satan decided to torture Job, he took his kids, his servants, and his wealth but he left his wife alive.


But of course on other years (not this year because it’s Ash Wednesday) a priest could celebrate a votive Mass for St Valentine.

I would suggest couples go out for dinner Tuesday night this year - or the weekend before.



Yes, CAF, this is a complete sentance.


The church has so many St Valentine’s. Another option would be to commemorate the day of another St Valentine on another feast day. You can celebrate a feast day of St Valentine, on July 16, December 16, May 2, September 2, January 7, November 17, November 1. All of these days are feast days for a St Valentine. So they are all St Valentine’s Day.


For some reason it never occurred to me to celebrate earlier. :woman_facepalming: Probably the most sensible route for those who would ordinarily mark the occasion.


:joy::joy: now that’s cruel and unusual


I just came across this picture on Simcha Fisher’s blog:


Will be going out for a romantic dinner of McDonald’s Fillet-O-Fish :yum:


Being married for almost 30 years, Valentines Day is for rookies! I think the heart-shaped meatloaf will make an appearance on Sunday. It’s also the only day I can get my adult son to visit.

Also, Mardi Gras is on February 13. Live it up!


We may do something on that Sunday or Monday instead. We have, in the past, exchanged a small gift, he gets me flowers, and we have a nice meal, but that’s the extent of our celebrations. This is our first Lent as a married couple, and I’m almost six months pregnant at the moment. So we’ll see what happens. My Mardi Gras may be just me solo enjoying some chocolate that my parents gave us for Valentine’s Day since I can’t have wine right now and my husband has a prayer group that he attends on Tuesdays. :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ll be combining Valentine’s Day with Fat Tuesday…guess we’ll add our card exchange and chocolates to the homemade doughnuts the family will eat after we all order out our favorite take-out meals…and maybe throw in some Tums for good measure.


We’ll observe Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent.



Make it extra special. Ask for extra tarter sauce.


It’s just Ash Wednesday for me.


Some couples regularly do steak dinner on Valentines Day. They could easily have the steak a day earlier, on Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday.


Ash Wednesday trumps St Valentine’s Day. So I will act as if St Valentine’s Day isn’t happening (at least from a food and martial relations point of view).

However, I do wonder if we were still using the 1962 Missal (as the ordinary form), would the feast day for St Valentine be moved to another day? Meaning, I wonder if the Church would look at this year and the next 11 years and make St Valentine’s Day a moveable feast if we still had it on the calendar?

Also, I wish it was restored to the calendar, because by removing it… we’ve allowed secular society to 100% kill the catholicity of that day :frowning: I never hear people say “St Valentine’s Day” anymore, like I did when I was a kid.


I thought the 14th was the memorial of Saints Cyril and Methodius… crazy me!

Just kidding. Normally we give each other a bottle of bubbly or wine or something similar. During Lent, I only drink wine at Sunday or solemnity dinners (in which I include Saturday dinner as it’s after First Vespers!).

So I will give the gift, and it will be consumed at a later date.


My wife and I will be “celebrating” Valentines Day on Tuesday by going out to dinner, exchanging cards, etc… and we will follow standard Ash Wednesday protocol on the 14th.

Fancy steak dinner out at a restaurant tomorrow night… pancakes for dinner at home on Wednesday.

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