Valentine's Day is Ash Wednesday


We’ll be going to the 12.30 Ash Wednesday mass at our church…then out to lunch afterwards


Correction…lunch on Thursday…can’t eat meat Ash Wednesday


Next year, Ash Wednesday isn’t going to be on Feb 14.


Back before Vatican II there were many more days of fasting. Now we just have two days. Good or Bad idea? Well, If you get a dispensation for Ash Wednesday just because it’s Valentine’s day, you automatically cut you fasting days in half. Only one day of fasting for the entire year. No, it’s a good thing Ash Wednesday wasn’t dispensed with.


We went out for a seafood feast (lobster, crab, prawns, mussels, etc.) on Sunday (yesterday) in anticipation. Technically that meal could have been consumed on Ash Wednesday - no flesh meat - but as a $200 gourmet feast it would have completely defied the spirit of the day!!!


No. I’m just going to be depressed as always about not having a girlfriend. So I guess I’ll look at memes after church.


Valentine’s Day is also my son’s birthday. (Yes, one of his middle names is Valentine :heart_eyes:)

We’re celebrating his birthday on Fat Tuesday instead, doing cards and a little candy with the kids on VDay, and observing Ash Wednesday like normal.


I will mope for two reasons: my sins and my relationship status.


I completely forgot about my sins.


We’re going out for a romantic dinner of my parish Fish Fry. And my husband isn’t even Catholic.


My family is celebrating Valentine’s Day tomorrow…we dont do much, just a small box of chocolates for each child and my husband gets me a bigger box. Usually I get him one too but this year I just plan to share mine and finish it off since we won’t be eating chocolate over Lent.


St. Valentine’s Day is also my father’s birthday and the anniversary of his father’s death :frowning:


Your parish is having a fish fry on Ash Wednesday?


It won’t make a difference for me :neutral_face:


It is certainly a kooky calendar year!

Couples will be doing double duties fasting on Ash Wednesday/St Valentines Day and celebrating ones love for each other with ash crosses on their forehead !


Easter landing on the 1st April will make egg hunting all the more interesting.


Last kooky like 2018 was in 1956!

A Perpetual Easter and Passover Calculator



Oh wait… Are you serious??

In that case…



Things like this make me think God observes Valentine’s Day too… :cupid:


I’m single and so I thought I can give God a nice present by praying or doing something special.


Yep, we are.


I’ve only been focused on the relationship part.

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