Valid Baptism/Confirmation question

I was recently confirmed and conditionally baptised. I had some questions regarding validity.

The experience itself was somewhat of a blur (it was a lot to take in) so memory might be somewhat failing, but I don’t recall the priest including the conditional formula “In case you haven’t been baptised…” (or whatever it is) “…I baptise you in the name of etc. etc.” I believe only the standard latter part was used, not the full conditional statement. Does this matter?

Also, during the confirmation itself, I don’t recall Latin being used (“accipe signaculum doni Spiritus Sancti”) but rather just the english (“Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit”). I am ready to admit that here especially, memory might be failing, and it’s entirely possible I am mistaken. If this were the case, however, would that mean I was not validly confirmed?

Thank you all for your time.

You are validly baptized and confirmed.




It doesn’t matter:
Either you were already baptized and the second one meant nothing (regardless of the conditional preamble).
Your first attempt at baptism never occurred, so this one baptized you (regardless of the conditional preamble).

If the chrism touched you and the priest sealed you with The gift of the Holy Spirit, you are confirmed.

Congrats on full initiation into Christ’s Church!

Deacon Christopher

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