Valid Catholic Marriage?


My cousin married a divorced man in the Catholic Church. The mans ex wife is still alive and there was no annulment. The man is not Catholic, however, my cousin is.

I thought this was a no no in our Church? Can anyone explain to me what kinds of things justifies this marriage in the Church and why the OK was given?


Impossible for anyone here to say with certainty for this specific case. One possibility would be if the man’s previous marriage was a civil marriage. In some cases that would make it invalid.


The man is not Catholic and is not bound by Catholic form.

The Church recognizes civil marriages of non-Catholics, commonly referred to around here as Natural Marriages.


Ok, I missed that part in your first post. No idea then…:shrug:


There are many variables.

The man in question’s may have had a Ligamen case, if his first spouse had been previously married.

The man in question may have had a Lack of Form case if his first spouse was a Catholic who did not marry in Catholic form or receive a dispensation from form.

It is also possible that his prior marriage was a natural marriage if he and/or his first spouse were unbaptized. Therefore, it is possible the first marriage was dissolved by either the Pauline or Petrine Privilege.

So, again, many possibilities.

What you can be assured of is that prior to marriage in the Catholic Church a thorough premarital investigation is conducted, and by whatever means was appropriate in this case the diocese determined that he was free to marry your cousin.


Thanks for the very informative post. I had never heard of those things before.


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