Valid confession, or no?

During confession today, I confessed one sin very briefly. E.g, I disobeyed my parents by going out when I was forbidden to do so

But instead of giving the full details like: I disobeyed my parents by going out with my friends even though I was forbidden to do so by them, instead I said: I disobeyed my parents and broke the 4th Commandment. And yes I was aware I wasn’t giving the full details of it.

Was my confession valid? Or would it be a bad and invalid one?

What did Father Confessor say?

Only his opinion matters. Not ours.

Not much really. He gave me absolution.

Then you’re good. If he wanted or needed more information, he would have asked.

Phew. Thank you so much for clarifying :slight_smile:

Unless you are willfully concealing a MORTAL sin or truly have no sorrow for your VENIAL sins, it is enough on your part to say kind and number of MORTAL sins. It is good to talk about our VENIAL sins as well in confession, but it is not a matter of obligation, unless you only go to confession once a year and don’t have any MORTAL sins to confess.

Don’t do this to yourself.

Yeah, it’s very possible to get up in your head too much about confession.

As was said above, if the priest needed more information, he would have asked you to elaborate. You’re fine.

Actually from my understanding we are not supposed to confess the details, simply the sin and the number of times. For instance if confessing pornography, I don’t need to confess how, where, what, who, etc… I could simply say, I used pornography once or even more simply I broke the 6th commandment once.

You’re supposed to add details if they affect the severity of the sin. “I murdered one person” is different than “I murdered a child.”

I agree!

Jesus forgives. He knows our sins. Don’t be scrupulous.

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