valid confession?

hi guys,

I went to reconcilliation and didn’t mention when I told when my last confession was? I did it deliberatley but now im feeling distressed! Was my confession valid?

It doesn’t affect the validity of the confession to omit details like how long it’s been since your last confession.

You might want to think about why you didn’t mention it though - any particular reason? You shouldn’t be embarrassed about the length of time, even if the priest says something about it. After all, both Mother Teresa and John Paul 2 reportedly went more than once a week.

The confession would’ve been invalid if you’d deliberately omitted to mention a mortal sin, if you’d otherwise lied in the confessional (which you didn’t in your case), or if you’d had no contrition whatsoever and no intent whatsoever to stop sinning. I don’t know of anything else you could’ve done that would’ve made it invalid

I would be concerned only if your confession was more than a year ago. It is a precept of the Church that you must go to confessions at least once a year. Not doing so it is a grave matter.

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Scrupulous Anonymous:

You may find it helpful.

I get the feeling that someone who is distressed about having mucked up a confession is going to be someone who gets distressed about sin enough to go frequently.

Someone who goes less than yearly is unlikely to be so anxious.

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