Valid confession?

If a priest in the state of mortal sin hears someone’s confession, is that confession still valid?

I would guess certainly not. A priest in the state of mortal sin is not permitted to perform the sacrament of mass, so it follows that any sacraments performed in such a state are invalid (?). Im sure someone more learned and informed will chime in…

Of course they are. The Sacraments operate Ex opere operato. They do not depend on the holiness or piety of the priest. The forgiveness comes through Christ who uses the priest, not through the priests holiness.

Ah! I stand corrected (and relieved for some reason).


Relieved for a good reason. If forgiveness came through the holiness of the priest, we would be depending on man for our salvation and have absolutely no confidence that we were forgiven what so ever.

Forgiveness comes from Christ and he is the one we have to rely on.

Absolutely. God is bigger than the priest and chooses to use sinful humans to further his plan.

Priests aren’t perfect…ever. They are sinners like you and me.


The state of mortal sin of the Priest does not in any way effect the validity of a sacrament.

Such was determined in the very early centuries of the Church.

Validity is not in any way effected by such (such was determined in the very early centuries of the Church).

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