Valid Consecration?


A few retired priests are saying daily Mass at our parish while our pastor is on vacation. This morning, a priest in his 70’s (He has said Mass for us before.) put the corporal to one side without unfolding it, when the server brought him the chalice, pall, corporal and patten. He said the prayer of consecration correctly, but the chalice and patten were on the alter cloth only. The coproral was still unfolded and to one side. Was the consecration valid?


Dear Strider,

Yes the consecration was certainly valid, even though the priest should have used the corporal. Such non-essentials cannot invalidate the consecration. Had he not used bread and wine or had he not intended what the Church intends by the consecration, then the consecration would not be valid.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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