Valid website?

I was looking up the cause and how to handle depression by the Catholic faith and found this website that had given me insight on some of the reasons. I was wondering if anyone could view it and see if it has anything that is really not supported by the Catholic faith. From what I’ve read it seems completely valid help and explaination but since it’s from the internet I need to make sure.

I’ve come across this website also. I haven’t found anything on it that would be against the faith, but if anyone has a different opinion or more information, I would certainly like to know.

*“Dear God, do You know the greatest grief one of Your creatures can bear? It is the thought that she can never love You enough. ” *- St. Gemma Galgani, which has a reputation for orthodoxy, reviews Catholic websites.

It has given the ChastitySF website a yellow Caution rating for fidelity to the Faith.

The webmaster often presents his own opinions and conclusions about what is necessary to live a truly Catholic life as universally applying to all, without distinguishing them from the actual moral precepts required of all Catholics. (Fidelity)


Some of the answers in the Q&A section are problematic. (Fidelity)


Some of the material, especially in the answers given to questions, lacks proper Christian charity. (Fidelity)

The author seems to at best downplay and at worst totally disregard the unitive aspect of marriage. (Fidelity)

Note: The review was last updated in August 2007. The website has changed its address since then, so it is possible that the site has improved its material.

Intresting and that is a wonderful tool to use for websites. I have to admit that they are right in this caution from some things I’ve seen. However I do think that removing a lot of secular entertainment would be good; however I don’t feel like listening to classical music is pulling me away from God.

Thank you, Dale! :thumbsup: I’d never heard of and certainly wish I had a few months ago. I had found a website which at first glance looked pretty good, until I started to delve into it and was quite surprised to “learn” that our dear B16 - and our beloved JPII - were anti-Christs! :whacky:

You’re most welcome, GemmaRose. One of the nice things about CAF is that we are able to share good information with others. I’ve learned a lot since I joined here. :slight_smile:

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