Validity of Re-marriage?

Good morning.

My father is thrice-divorced and Protestant. If he became Catholic, could his former marriages be formally annulled so he could marry a Catholic woman and have a genuine, godly, and sacramental marriage, something that he has never been able to experience?

Would he then be free from the penalties of adultery for re-marrying?

Thank you.

When non-Catholics exchange marital consent, it is presumed valid until proven otherwise (i.e. an annulment).

In the case of someone who has been married 3 times, each marriage must be declared null beginning with the first marriage. Once the first marriage is determined to be null that means he was objectively free to marry the 2nd time he exchanged marital vows and therefore that becomes the presumed valid marriage until proven otherwise. And so on.

If any of the previous spouses has passed away then there is no need to declare the marriage null since the marital bond ceases with the death of the spouse.

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