Vallejo police assumed woman's abduction was hoax because she 'did not act like a kidnapping victim'

What a strange story.
There definitely are red flags though, especially the kidnappers email originating from (if true) the boyfriends computer.

I wonder what former FBI profiler John E. Douglas has to say about the situation. In any case, check this out.

Cops are allowed to make mistakes.
They go by experience as we all do but it leads to profiling because they think someone “looks like” a criminal. In this case they decided this woman didn’t act like a victim. I read about another case, also in California where a woman reported she was raped. The police decided she was lying and after repeated interrogations she actually confessed to filing a false report. The case was finally solved when there were similar rapes in surrounding towns.

The big problem is the rash statements to the press. In this case the cops had to at least look into the possibility the kidnapping was staged, the problem was accusing the victim and boyfriend publicly.
In other countries like the UK police are much more tight lipped about the status of investigations.

The article says only that the messages came from his email account. Knowledge of his email password would be sufficient to log in to his email account from any computer.

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