Values, beliefs, the self and others


Relative to underlying values, opinions and beliefs are so trivial; religion actually has little to do with beliefs, but more so a system of hierarchal values that need to be practiced and experienced; it’s quite profound to think of all the different religions and denominations, and subsequent fighting and hating, especially given that they ought to agree! Core values are what transform an individual into a person, and it is the experience of key values that unite; it is in values that an atheist can be quite religious, and the religious, atheists. To endorse pride and self-esteem over [greater] inner experiences of love and high esteem seems so primitive and interpersonally maladaptive to me.


Hello, You make some good points. Everyone is religious ecause human beings do thingss religiously. So even atheists are religious. I’m not sure exactly what your trying to say but are you saying that being religious is not enough on it’s own or saying we should not have organised religion with all the rules etc, or both or other?
We are religious beings and that is why God chooses for us the way we are to worship him and the way we do things. But Christ said, " Not every one who cries Lord, Lord will be saved. But rather he who does the will of my father, he will e saved.“
He is warning us that just because we are christians we will not be saved. We must do Gods will to be saved.
With all the religions you can ind the reasons for this studying history and learn why we have so much fighting and arguing. God himself founded the catholic church and it is intended to reunite mankind into one family- the family of God. We cannot blame religion for all the problems such as arguing etc because all men are religious and would fight and argue anyway. But thanks to religion many men don’t fight and argue much or at all, so we’re better off with it. We need to focus on solutions to problems and not just problems. The solution is our personal sanctification. Just try to be holy. All good will flow from this.
It can be a tough battle, but as our Lord said,” He who perseveres to the end shall be saved."
There are many things we don’t know and many answers to them. We all need to search for answers when we have questions. This is what you are doing and good.
If we make it to heaven all will become clear to us and we shall see all these things and much more as they really are and I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reality we discover there.
If I didn’t answer any questions and you feel like asking or discussing any points just shoot. God bless:)


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