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I have been reading some Vampire Books for years and it never occured to me that this may be sinful. I enjoy the stories (I grew up with horror movies) and am 1/2 way through a 13 book series now. However, I do not know if the “vampire” content, since it is just for entertainment, is contrary to anything. There is a lot of blood sucking, murder and sex in the books, however it all plays into the type of lives that vampires would lead. Is that bad?

I do not think so. You are not promoting the behaviors, but you are contributing to the continuation of the books being published. You are not committing the sin described in the books though, so you are not sinning.

It might be a good question for your priest.
I read a lot of science fiction, and they put a lot of unnecessary sex in some of them; I tend to skip those parts.
If your books are primarily focused on sex, you might want to rethink reading them. Are there redeeming features, such as people exhibiting courage, loyalty, wisdom? Some best seller type books do have uplifting features like those.
You could vary your reading diet - try a few classics in between your favorites.
Bottom line, if your books leave you feeling closer to God or appreciative of good people, they’re probably OK. I like the “In Death” books because they focus on courage, loyalty, perseverance, and friendship, but I have to skip the sex scenes and a lot of the violence.

Vampires do not exist so you are reading fiction. You are not going out and sucking on virgins necks!
Where would be without fiction? It enriches our imagination. Enjoy it!
I also read a lot of sci- fi…and don’t zoom off to planets new…although I would love to.
I think passions that are addictive are dangerous. As long as you can separate truth from fiction I wouldn’t worry.

There are many different kinds of good books that we can read that help us to form our own character, and teaches us wisdom.

Why fill your mind with “blood sucking, murder and sex” ? We all have enough to do to deal with temptations of many sorts.

I don’t remember where in the NT this scripture is, but it advises us to associate with and fill our minds with what is good, true, and beautiful. Remember that you are the temple of God.

Just a reminder, defining what’s ‘good, true, and beautiful’ tends be very relative on the subject of literature.

Argue about it long enough and you’ll have a sound basis for applying those words to vampire fiction. :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally have been told they are sinful because they promote sinful values and are full of undead creatures…thereby promoting death as well.

Oh but the undead aren’t so bad! Just ask Jack Skellington! 8D

Substitute “role-playing games” for “vampire fiction” and you have my position.

A work of literature has to be viewed in its totality.

I think the Biblical saying about “to the pure, everything is pure” can be applied prudently here, unless we’re talking about overt pornography. A work can contain elements that seem “scandalous”, but it can still be read as something good or beautiful.

Heck, “The Count of Monte Cristo” probably contains violations of every single commandment, but it’s an awesome book with a wonderful message at the end. :smiley:

Virtually every fictional story needs an antagonist. Either a crisis situation or a “somebody doing somebody wrong” character. i.e. something bad has to be happening to somebody. There’s nothing intrinsically sinful about fiction that portrays a fantasy world where things exist that don’t exist in the real world. That’s just called having a good imagination and writing talent.

If the whole story is about gratuitous sex and violence, the fantasy is superfluous and that leads you to a positive outlook on the gratuitous sex or violence, then maybe you should avoid it. That being said, two people can read the a book and come away with different results. But to be acceptable for a Christian, a book doesn’t have to be about puppies, rainbows, and how I studied hard for my math test and got an “A”.

I happen to love science fiction and horror. Specifically traditional stuff like vampires, werewolves, ghosts etc… (jason and freddy bore me). When I read Steven Kings “Silver Bullet” I loved it. The fact that the werewolf killed people didn’t make the book sinful. It’s what he was supposed to do. That’s why they had to find him and stop him. I liked the kids and their uncle and how they pulled together and trusted each other.

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