Van Der Sloot Confesses to Flores Killing

Dutchman Joran van der Sloot, long the prime suspect in U.S. teen Natalee Holloway’s 2005 disappearance in Aruba, has confessed to killing a young woman in his Lima hotel room last week, a police spokesman said…

Van Der Sloot Confesses

Yes this was on the 11pm news here in New England last night. Also mentioned that the sentencing would come soon? Talk about swift justice. Makes you wonder if he was tortured. I can’t get over that this was expedited this quick? More to it than one would be led to believe.

Nothing mentioned about the Holloway case though.

In Peru the sentencing is much lighter if the confession is voluntary. Also there is no Death Penalty in Peru or Life Sentence.

Another article I saw said he spent the last several years in Thailand attempting to recruit women into being sex workes in the Netherlands. I wonder if there are any unsolved cases there that might point to him? It seems he has a volatile temper that may be difficult for him to control. In my mind it doesn’t seem far-fetched.


A Peruvian jail-sweet justice.Hope they don’t have an exchange program with Aruba or Holland.

I’d caution how much “street justice” will really be paid out in this situation. By confessing he might be working out a deal for better prison arrangements. And on top of that, in 2008 Peru passed a law that allows foreigners to seve their jail time in a prison in their country of origin. Even if he gets stuck in a Peruvian jail, his family probably has some money and he could bribe guards for special favors.

i believe that he definitely killed stephany flores, but i am not sure if we know the real reason that she was killed. at least he admits that he was responsible for her death.
his lawyer is probably advising him in order to work out the best deal for him.

What I heard reported on CNN is that van der Sloot and Flores were in his hotel room. She used his laptop computer and Googled his name and came up with all sorts of things about Aruba and Halloway. She asked him about it and he flew into a rage, grabbed the laptop from her and struck her. When she tried to leave, I believe, that’s the point at which he killed her.


Not sure I quite believe that story. The victim, according to some accoutns, was found without her pants on. That is yet to be explained.
Secondly, it’s hard to figure out exactly why the victim went back to the room with Joran. According to news accounts the victim was a lesbian so she probably was not looking for sexual activity with him.

Its a bizare set of circumstances that don’t add up. The girl also reportedly had just won $5,000 in the casino. Did he attempt to sexually assault and rob her and she fought back? That sounds more plausible given the evidence, but still can’t answer why she sheepishly followed him into the room…

True, that’s what he said, but I don’t believe it for a minute. The girl was found in only a t-shirt & her panties. I think that he tried to rape her, she fought him & he killed her. His sense of entitlement is nothing short of narcissistic. He considers himself deserving of anything he wants & I don’t believe he is capable of feeling anything for anyone.

After all, he tried to bribe Natalie Halloway’s own Mother, telling her that he would give the details of Natalie’s death & the whereabouts of her body…in exchange for $250,000. Van der Sloot lies so often that I doubt if he knows the truth from the fiction he spews. I pray that both families of the girls he murdered find peace. I know that I should pray, “God, have mercy on his soul”, but can’t do so yet.

There was an interview on TV. last night, with a doctor. He explained how HARD it would be to break someone’s neck, saying that certain military personnel, who’d been trained, could possibly do so. He said that one had to know how. Think premeditated.

The man’s tears are for himself. He is incapable of remorse or empathy.

Yes, I remember my anatomy teacher in high school saying how hard it is to break someone’s neck. He was saying that he hates how in movies everyone can do it without much effort. That’s what struck me when the report I heard said he broke her neck by merely grabbing her after she tried to leave.

i am sure that the police confiscated his laptop so if she was snooping on the laptop,
the searches should be there when they go to check his hard drive.

his story sounds suspicious to me.

his mother is supposedly down there now and she says she feared that the confession was coerced.

i am sure that joran will resort to the old tactics he used in aruba.

Van der Sloot’s story does sound very suspect, but I hadn’t heard the other details about how the young woman had been discovered. I agree he is a completely narcissistic and he had enough wherewithal to run.

Another thing I’d heard on CNN is that the bribery attempt had actually been part of a sting done by the FBI to try and lure him out and to get him to provide inciminating evidence against himself. He more than happily took the money but never gave up any information that could help the family or FBI link the murder conclusively to him.


Nor can I. However, wrappers for the date rape drug were found in the car they drove to the hotel. From the posture of her body, head down…walking behind Van der Sloot, who did not even open the door for her, but preceded her into the room…I can’t help but wonder if she’d been drugged.

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