Vandalism, looting after vigil for Missouri man




It’s certainly understandable. A black teenager is being questioned by white police officers in the courtyard of a huge black apartment complex, where hundreds of curious neighbors can clearly watch what’s going on, and while the kid has his hands up both cops shoot him. Then while he’s lying there in a pool of blood, one of the cops puts at least another nine rounds in his already severely wounded, entirely helpless and incapacitated body, killing him in cold blood in front of a huge number of people. If that isn’t grounds for rioting, I don’t know what is. If the officer gets off scot free, which he probably will, who knows what’ll happen?


I don’t see how it’s grounds for rioting. It’s certainly grounds for the cop to be tried on capital murder charges, but how does his crime justify the commission of crimes against innocent parties?


There is no green light for rioting. The violence is what stops the message and issue from being addressed. It create’s a double standard, you reduce yourself to anothers level. We want to elevate others, not join them.


No, it is not understandable. To be upset? Yes. To be outraged? Yes. To steal tires and rims and burn down businesses? NO.

I don’t believe that those criminals were upset at all. I think that they really enjoy the excuse that some will give them to do what they want.

From the NY Post:

DeAndre Smith, a 30-year-old Ferguson resident who moved from New York in December, said he understood why rioters acted the way they did.
This is exactly what is supposed to be happening when an injustice is happening in your community,” Smith said. “You have kids getting killed for nothing.”

This ignorant…person is so blind that he doesn’t see that the exact thing he is excusing IS AN INJUSTICE TO HIS COMMUNITY!!!




The rioting also allows those who would prefer to talk about the behavior of black people than concentrate on the killing of a young man.


I pray for you that you can get beyond your obsession with racism.





Please keep your posts charitable

Charitably discuss the issues, not each other


Perhaps this city will follow the example of Asbury Park and Newark, New Jersey, becoming a burned out wreck at the hands of some of it’s idiotic citizens.


Demonize by association.


When I said “it’s understandable” and “if that isn’t grounds for rioting,” what I was actually trying to say is, what did they think was going to happen? I guess I didn’t word that very clearly. In other words, it’s not that the rioting is some sort of noble, righteous thing, it’s just, they’re complete idiots if they’re at all surprised by this outcome.

An aphorism of mine: The bigger the mob, the worse the lynching.

Which means, the larger the crowd, the lower the lowest common denominator is. Crowds are easily capable of mindless violence and destruction which lone individuals often find difficult or impossible to commit on their own. I mean, St. Louis ain’t exactly renowned for it’s racial harmony, even in the best of times. American cops are militarized buffoons and they need to be held accountable for their crimes and abuses.


I don’t think so, and stirring the pot doesn’t help. And repetitive news videos of youth looting store’s takes the spotlight off justice and this youth. The fact is we are talking stereo-typing then. The stereo-type can be angry, it can be outraged, and mad, but it has to be without crime and violence and in a word civil, because thats what we are talking.


I agree- the news shapes our perception of situations so much.

The citizens of this city need to stope their illegal activity and we should focus on the actual story which is the case of police officers and this young man.


There is a way to ensure that these sorts of riots don’t occur. That is, if police officers were actually sent to prison when they murdered someone, these events would not happen. The reason riots like this occur is because law enforcement officers are virtually always given a free pass. The perception, which is largely accurate, is that minorities are routinely given harsh, lengthy sentences for crimes that are seen as minor, such as drug possession and small-time dealing, while at the same time police officers can shoot unarmed people without any provocation and get off scot free. That perception is held by virtually every black person in America, from coast to coast anywhere you go. If people had faith that real justice would be served, this would be a minor issue. But, of course, even when officers are caught on video from five different angles clearing murdering or assaulting someone, they still get off scot free. It’s almost a daily occurrence in this country!

Perhaps if there were some sort of special prison built that was solely for police officers, then this situation could change. I think one of the reasons cops are hardly ever sent to prison is that judges and prosecutors are aware that ex-cops inside prisons are very likely to be sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered by the other inmates. If there were some way they could be humanely incarcerated, it would benefit all.


I do understand that you’re saying it was predictable and not saying the rioting is justified but it is important to note that your description of events is not the only version going around. Another version has the young man fighting for the police officer’s gun. I have no idea where the truth lies ( and sadly, some on either side will never accept what an investigation brings out). I am saddened by what is going on. I love my city and it pains me to see this happening.

The particular town this occurred in has had a revitalization in the past few years. People actually were going to downtown ferguson for the restaurants; it’ll be a long while for them to recover…



Understandable just means understandable. It doesn’t imply that it’s the right course of action, it just means it’s easily predictable. Two white officers filling an unarmed African American kid with bullets in a city like St. Louis is going to have drastic repercussions.:shrug:


There is no excuse for rioting BUT it is an understandable response to the continued overuse of force by the Police in the African American community. When was the last time you heard of an unarmed white kid being shot down by the police?




Here’s the problem with this whole issue. NOBODY is ever outraged at the black on black crime in this city. We have had two employees from that vicinity killed in the past six months. Our employees who live there live in fear. They are afraid to look out the window because they might be a witness to a crime. They are afraid to be in their yards after dark. They can’t take walks at night.

As much as I disagree with Obama’s political views, I would be able to forgive him if he just showed one ounce of care about the violence, lawlessness, and lack of personal responsibility in the black community. Never has he come to a Boys and Girls Club here and talked to the youth. He should tell his story, born of a single mother and he became president. He should give them hope and encourage them to better themselves.

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