Vandals spray 'KKK' tag on third black church in Fla


Wednesday Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church became the third predominately black church in Wakulla County, Florida to be vandalized this week with “KKK” spray painted on it.

Wakulla County NAACP Organizing Committee President Anginita Rosier said the racially charged vandalism has shocked the community, both white and black.

“The whole community is in shock right now that we still have these things occurring,” she said as a member of the church painted over the letters. But the unity of the community has been reassuring.

“If there’s a positive out of this negative behavior it’s really bound the citizens of this county together,” Rosier said. “It’s affected everyone to the point that everyone is anxious to see someone held accountable for these crimes.”

The FBI, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office are investigating.


sad, so sad, thought we had grown enough as a nation to move past these horrible acts. :frowning:

as always, praying for peace in our nation.



Totally unacceptable! I hope they find and prosecute them!


This is so sad. America, as a nation, is done.


Given the stereotypical nature of what was spray-painted, I would bet that they find the vandals are young, probably juveniles, feeding off each other. It is good to read that the community was unified in prayer support for those targeted by racism.


I’ll bet that the responsible parties are members of the congregation if not the top preacher himself.


I disagree. I think in view of all the media hype of Ferguson, New York and the back room planning of Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and Obama to further the political ruse, a few dumb punks did it.


Its strange that the FBI is investigating this. I would understand if it was a letter that contained a direct threat, but spraypainting KKK on a wall is clearly childs play.

…i do hope the vandals are caught though, and are forced to pay for a whole new paintjob.


…or, depending on the age, forced to spend the next few weekends scrubbing the walls, mowing the grass and helping out around the Church. Now that would be cool.


Lol, yes, that would be justice worth seeing.


Yep! I vote for that!


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