Vander Sloot "Arrest Warrent"

Another homicide in Vander Sloots room at a Casino in Peru. Local 21yo woman found stabbed to death and wrapped in a blanket. The room was in Vander Sloots name and her parents said she was last seen with him.

He fleed the country in route to Argentina. Arrest Warrent issued for his arrest.

Think its time to lock him up? Very well may be a string of bodies out here left by him.;_ylu=X3oDMTJwMzJucjFvBGNwb3MDMwRlZAMxBGcDZTQwZjc5NWMxNmM4YTNhOTJmZDFhYzI3NDdhNzg0ZmQEaW50bAN1cwRzZWMDaW5fbmV3cwRzbGsDbndzLXRpdGxlBHRlc3QDNzAx/SIG=12grnkql9/**http%3A//

Let’s see if his Daddy will come to the rescue for this.

link to bona fide news source?;_ylu=X3oDMTJwMzJucjFvBGNwb3MDMwRlZAMxBGcDZTQwZjc5NWMxNmM4YTNhOTJmZDFhYzI3NDdhNzg0ZmQEaW50bAN1cwRzZWMDaW5fbmV3cwRzbGsDbndzLXRpdGxlBHRlc3QDNzAx/SIG=12grnkql9/**http%3A//

i just watched an episode of nancy grace and she covered the story.

i just hope they find him before the week is out.

his poor mother! she doesn’t have her husband around anymore to help with the legal battles.

looks like there is lots of evicence this time, but joran has a good attorney in america.

this is a story we will have to watch and see what happens. i am not proclaiming him guilty yet, but, once, again he is a prime suspect.

his father died.
I hope they finally get him. a shame another girl had to die to get him :mad:

it only makes you wonder how many other victims are out there. supposedly, the date rape drug was found in the girl’s car. so there could be many victims out there who were sexually assaulted by van der sloot. someone on nancy grace called in and suggested that they check all the other countries he has been in and see if there are any unsolved cases. he seems to still like to hang out at the casinos. i wonder where he gets the money to travel around like he does.

Many are thinking theres a trail of bodies left behind.

He must have inherited his fathers estate. A 22yo running around the world playing Polker?

I believe the Holloway family will find some relief from the arrest when it in fact occurs. And maybe, just maybe they could finally put their daughter to rest.

It is over, folks! Update: Joran van der Sloot Found Dead Near Peru Border After Committing Suicide BREAKING NEWS: Some reports say that Joran van der Sloot, longtime suspect in the disappearance of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway five years ago and prime suspect of the brutal stabbing death days ago of 21-year-old Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez, has been found dead near the Peru border after allegedly committing suicide. There are currently no more details on this breaking news but we’ll post updates here in Daily World Trends regarding this piece of news so keep it here.

link not a good source apparently
why not wait until some reliable authority makes a judgement before condemning him or before believing everything floating around the web

The story was pulled and I can’t find word of a suicide anywhere else yet.

They caught the bastard.

Yes, I just came home and read it on the AP news. Hopefully the Holloway family can get a bit of closure out of this. Very sad indeed. Way to many life’s affected by Vander Sloot.

unbelievable that there is a federal complaint filed by the u.s. against van der sloot saying that he tried to sell the location of natalie holloway’s body for $250,000!!!

some connection to birmingham, alabama. a first payment of $15,000 was wired to an account in the Netherlands, then he flew from colombia to peru for a poker tournament.

i wonder how the officials in aruba feel now that if they had done their job correctly the first time, perhaps this young woman would still be alive.

i am wondering when he will be returned to peru to face the music.

i also am wondering who is attorney is. i heard that joe tacopina is his former attorney.
does he still have the funds for a good legal team? i hope not. maybe he will even confess. does anyone else wonder if he wanted to be caught this time?

One of the Fox News articles I read said that there is video this time. Hopefully that’s true.

I’m not really up on all the fine details of the Halloway case, but is it really that the Aruban authorities didn’t know what they were doing or somehow bungled the investigation? It seems that van der Sloot was really helped by the fact that her body hasn’t been recovered up to this point and certainly not at that time. Then again, I might be missing or forgetting something.


I remember some people in the Netherlands slamming America, slamming the Holloway family how dare they go after this poor innocent little Dutch boy.

Well I bet they’re eating crow now.

As another poster said it’s a same another young lady had to be murdered by this slime ball.

We need to pray for her and her family.

new threads here need a link to a news article in the 1st post

yes, they bungled the investigation, but van der sloot was also helped by the fact that they never recovered natalee’s body and also by the fact that his father was prominent on the island of aruba. :slight_smile:

The ckickens(vultures)are coming home to roost.I hope he spends the rest of his life in an oh so lovely Peruvian,not Aruban,or Dutch,jail.That would be deliciously apropos.

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