Vanishing Threads


It’s irritating when one has contributed for days to a thread, to find that thread suddenly vanished, without trace.

I don’t have a problem with censorship being applied against reasonable criteria. But is it too much to ask for some trace of the thread to be left with a short note by the Moderator to say why it was deleted? For example, delete all posts if need be, but leave one post to explain why it was necessary to terminate the conversation AND remove all trace of it.

The threads I refer to generally debated the potential or not for SSA to have a biological factor in its cause. The 2nd of these threads, deleted very recently, made some (inane) reference in its Title to homosexual people being angry. I don’t recall the Title of the first, it was a month or more ago.


did you try to contact the moderators and ask why? Usually if whole threads are deleted, there was a serious breech in the rules and could no longer remain even if closed. Since both are related to the same topic and that topic is rather a hot potato right now I think it doesn’t take too much imagination as to why and if there are too many threads that become too heated over the same subject, then that subjest will be banned.


I don’t know how to contact a Mod, but how many posters would need to do that? By the Mods taking the initiative to say why thread is deleted, we can be guided in the future.

CAF regularly sends me emails to let me know what is hot. Yet, you suggest “hot” is a problem! I support the need for censorship, but a touch more transparency would seem to be appropriate.


I’m still learning, but aren’t “hot” threads the popular ones?


If you look at the subsection of where the threads are posted, they are listed on which moderator oversees what section. Likewise what I meant by hot is that it is extremely controversial. That doesn’t mean that controversial subjects shouldn’t be discussed but that very emotional ridden ones such as homosexuality can lead posters to loose control.
The red envelop color for “hot” threads means that the thread had a large number of views and posts. When I have seen threads deleted in my experience on CAF is when it get way out of hand such that the thread cannot even be salvaged. Unless you yourself didn’t get a fraction or suspension on what you posted, then I wouldn’t worry about it. I think moderators get a lot of flack when threads are closed or deleted so I would assume that if they posted why something is gone or closed, they would be argued with more.


Sounds like a good title for a novel or series! :wink:


a least a mystery for sure! :smiley:


I’m afraid I don’t know what/where on the site you’re referencing. Can you provide a link to the page?

I’m not “worrying” - I’m annoyed. Apparently a discussion is deemed so off the rails that every part of it needs to be deleted, and we’re left to wonder why! Was it the topic? Was it some graphic language? Was it some insulting posts? Is there any guidance on how to avoid this being repeated on a similar topic next week??


I have never seen a thread silently removed, and I do follow some “hot” threads. Often when a thread seems to disappear, it was merely moved to a more appropriate sub-forum. I have found a useful way of tracking down such threads, if I have posted anything in them. I go to my own profile and view all posts by me. In the list that is presented, I look for my posting in the missing thread and follow the link there.


It happens all the time. Threads disappear and long term members show up as banned. You can look at a banned members last post to see if you can get an ideal of what kind fight resulted in banning. But for the deleted threads it is just like a dictatorship’s death squads which operate in secret with no public trial or explanation of why they acted. The police just act and then there are the disappeared.


Oh, come on now! It is nothing at all like a dictator’s death squad. For one thing, no one has an intrinsic right to post anything on CAF, like people have an intrinsic right to life. The forum is provided by CA, and they have the inherent right to run things as they see fit.

Furthermore, the whole purpose of suppressing postings is to prevent offensive material from being publicized and stirring up hatred. In the rare cases where that is called for, I think the best solution would be to silently delete the thread. Anything more public runs the risk of doing exactly what they are trying to avoid - the inflammatory discussion of offensive material.

It seems to me that the moderators are bending over backwards to permit as much as they can, and resort to heavy-handed methods only as a last resort. I have seen no evidence of undue control over these postings, consistence with the stated rules of the forum.


I fail to understand the lack of courtesy in the process, nor the failure to take the opportunity to help the participants avoid the same mistakes (whatever they were?) again!


Here are the forum rules. It is not your forum, it belongs to CA. When you register, you agree to the rules. Read the enforcement section, that should answer your questions.

Private Message the moderators if you need more specific information. In short though, the mods have no requirement to tell you why a thread was closed or removed.




How do you know there was a lack of courtesy? Was a thread ever deleted because of something you said and you were not told why? For all you know, the authors whose postings caused the removal are notified privately as to the reasons. Or do you think the CA owes everybody an explanation of something that is really only between them and the poster in question?


The thing is, it’s not just between them and the poster - it affects everyone who has posted to the thread, as well as those who are following the discussion. It’s very frustrating to become interested in a thread, and maybe put a lot of time and effort into composing what I hope are thoughtful responses, only to see the thread get “disappeared” or slammed closed.


Lack of courtesy to all the thread participants. The entire thread was removed - so presumably the transgression is broader than one poster?

I note that my voice seems to be in the minority, yet the majority largely point to only the CAF’s right do do as they see fit. I agree with the need for censorship. It’s just that there’s a surprisingly submissive attitude to the manner of its delivery, IMHO.


I wouldn’t mind the slammed closed with the moderators note as many message boards do. It is the disappearing which brings to mind the actions of dictatorships.


Again, at the beginning of each subsection are links to “stickees” which are moderator suggestions concerning different subtopics or issues in that subsection. If so concerned, I would read them on a regular basis. Again, I’ve posted on threads only to see the whole thread get deleted. I am set up on email on the threads I have posted on so I usually find out is when I click on my email link and there usually is a message that one can’t access this thread and it was closed due to a serious violation of CAF rules. It doesn’t really happen that often and the two threads you mentioned were concerning homosexuality which can be a heated topic.


The Pope’s doves getting attacked by other birds must be a “heated topic” too. Thread closed in just over an hour of the OP. At least it didn’t disappear. :shrug:

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