Various "attractions" (SSA, and others)

How do we try to think about various “attractions”. There’s a wide variety of them…SSA, fetishes of all sorts, even odder forms of attraction leading to sexual drives and satisfaction.

But how is much of society thinking about these today? How do we evaluate what’s right and what’s wrong?

Apart the Catholic Church and a few other Christian groups, it’s a real mixed bag of how people think through these matters.

For the most part, though, it boils down to a criterion: the self.

This is how SSA is being thought about…“two loving people…”.

There’s no reference to something outside of the self. Natural law, physiological complementarity, the economy of “unitive and procreative” purposes, Holy Scripture, Church authority.

This is the fundamental problem, I think; it’s really a manifestation of moral relativism.

And it will lead to utter chaos and emptiness.

I think some of it is the burden of knowing that you will never have the love of a relationship because you are attracted to things which aren’t acceptable.

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