Vasco Da Gama elected Speaker of Johannesburg City Council


Yes, this really happened.





Amazidade, muito bem!

PS: Greetings fellow South African!

Goeie nag.


How far will a Rand go to buy groceries in South Africa? I’m thinking of studying abroad there next summer and students are responsible for their own meals.

Da Gama’s election is interesting. How easy are Zulu and Afrikaans to learn?


I suspect many people don’t remember Vasco da Gama. Memories from history class fade (or never took hold in the first place!)

Anyways, is it more noteworthy that the ANC was defeated in Johannesburg?


Current exchange rate is R 13.46 to one dollar. The rand ironically save a massive increase in value with the election, when the ANC took a beating. Cross your fingers that Zuma is forced to resign, and we might see further increases in the rand’s value… :smiley:

Given that I am a native Afrikaans speaker, it’s difficult for me to say how easy it is to learn, but many of my friends (including Polish and Portuguese South Africans, among others) say it’s not too difficult as languages go. Zulu is a different language family but with some hard work and study I’m sure any language can be mastered.


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