I am married and the father of 3 children. After our last child was
born, I had a vasectomy. I told my Priest about it at a couseling
session and he told me to confess it. I did that and I know I am forgiven. How does the church view that in light of sexuality with my wife etc. Thanks.


This may be better suited to the moral theology forum. But it is my understanding that your sin is forgiven and further relations are not sinful. Some people choose to live celibately after sterilizing themselves as an act of reparation for their sin. And you could possibly get it reversed (we know a couple who recently conceived +/- 2 months after a vasectomy reversal). To my understanding, all three of those options (relations with wife, abstinence, and reversal) are morally available to you. Perhaps you should pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit. Good luck!


The church does not require the reversal of sterilization nor does it require abstinence. There is no restriction or prohibition on you and your wife’s sex life.

If you feel called to reversal or periodic abstinence (i.e., following NFP type rules) then visit for more info.


The last post is right. There is no requirement for anything other than confessing it.

My husband is getting a reversal later this year. There are a few Christian Doctors who do it for a much lower fee as a ministry. If you would like more info, besides One More Soul, you can also check out It is a Protestant site, but has a lot of info and great testimonials. In the meantime, we are learning and practicing NFP and it has been a blessing for us.

God Bless,


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