Vatican advisor: Pope ‘breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants’ |


Some interesting quotes from a Papal advisor. He apparently is trying to paint the Pope in a good light but I’m not sure he quite realized how what he was saying would come off. The fact that they originally tried to suppress his quote about the Church being “ruled by an individual rather than by its own dictates of tradition plus scripture” makes me think that they realized that he said a little too much.


If the Church is “openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture,” then Catholic Answers should close up shop. If the faith is just what one man decides it is at any given time, and is no longer subject to Scripture and Tradition, then there are no longer any Catholic answers.

Then all we have is an idolatrous cult of one mortal man and, really, we should all get out.

I don’t understand how a priest could think such a thing is good.


“Free from disordered attachments”, given the way we usually hear the word “disordered”, would make me think he was saying the Pope is not gay.

Maybe there is a language barrier here, but this guy Rosica shouldn’t be communicating with the press. Do they not have a Vatican communications office or policy handling that?

edited to add, I just read the whole thing and it was not too bad till he got to the last couple paragraphs. What was he thinking?


He has served as a Vatican communications officer himself many times, on the pontifical council for communications, as the English language press guy for various synods, etc., etc. English language communication is pretty much his forte.


If it’s his “forte” and he still said something that stupid, then he has reached Helen Thomas status and needs to take a really long break.

Unless he is trying to start the next schism…


“The article, written two weeks ago, was republished by the news agency Zenit. After Fr Rosica’s statements came to attention on social media, Zenit removed the controversial statement and replaced it with “[…]”.”


That concerns me more than the statement itself. Why is there so much covering up and attempting to hide? Have we not learned anything?


Zenit likely does not want to be seen as endorsing and widely propagating the priest’s statement, which is wrong, and probably the Vatican is not happy with it; nor does Zenit want to get a ton of upset mail. Zenit is just a news disseminator and we don’t have to rely on them to read this, especially since the story has been picked up and publicized by other media now.

You can still read what he wrote in full on his own website.


Thank you for your response and clarifying that for me. It is still very worrisome to me. Now is the time for prayer


Yeah I agree it’s worrisome. I understand people make mistakes, but it’s going to be pretty hard for anyone in the Vatican or even hardcore Pope Francis supporters to defend this stuff. The Vatican Communications Office hasn’t exactly been a bastion of integrity lately (see the letter scandal that involved Pope Benedict not too long ago) but now maybe someone there is being a little too honest and forthcoming…


He’s talking about traditions with a small “t”, not Sacred Traditions.

He’s not speaking about the Pope changing the teaching on Jesus’ divinity, so people should relax.

There are traditions the Church has held for centuries, which Jesus would never have approved ot.



I honestly have no agenda here. I am neither a “traditionalist” nor a “progressive”. Without commenting for or against any specific action, I do get the impression that Pope Francis likes to really flex the muscles of primacy…unilaterally intervening in ways that, at least on the surface, seem at odds with his own talk about synodality.

But maybe I’m wrong.


I am not sure what is meant by what was written: “Pope Francis breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants because he is “free from disordered attachments.” Our Church has indeed entered a new phase: with the advent of this first Jesuit pope, it is openly ruled by an individual rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture.”
Why is it OK to break Catholic tradition if you are free from disordered attachments?


He appears to be calling respect for tradition a disordered attachment. Compare to all the Fathers and Saints and so many Popes and bishops until the last century or so, who were extremely cautious about changing anything, even changeable things. They didn’t just do it whenever they wanted.


What traditions held for centuries do you know Jesus would never approve of?


Lord please come back soon.


I get what you are saying but I don’t think that is what the other poster is referring to. :slight_smile:


Prohibiting the laity from serving in various functions at Mass which we see today. Readers, EMHC’s, and of course females serving in these areas.

Also, I believe the Church has abused the confessional and the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharists, keeping people from receiving Christ for trivial reasons.

Of course, there’s also the condemnation and execution of heretics. Oh sure, the Church didn’t execute them, they just tried them in the ecclesiastical court and when they were found guilty, they handed the accused to the state for execution.



Yes, I agree. When I saw the headline, I assumed that this was another hit piece, not that I don’t disagree with the charge. I accept it as accurate and have been saying basically the same thing for 2-3 years now. Imagine my surprise when I realized this was coming from an admirer and that this was a compliment. It is refreshing honesty though.


Fr. Rosica has doubled down on his comments, retorting to his critics is that they should, “…go to confession.”

In response, canonist Dr. Edward Peters wryly comments, “When the Vatican’s own English media attaché angrily dismisses critics of his plainly papolatrous remarks as “condemning, maligning & distorting” folks, and meanly adds that they need to “go to confession”, well, kinda tells us all we need to know.”

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