Vatican advisor: Pope ‘breaks Catholic traditions whenever he wants’ |


It sounds like these are indeed traditions with a lower case t. I’m not sure what the issue is at all.


Yeah the fact that he would rather lash out at people rather than clarify his comments isn’t making him look any better.


Like I said, I think Fr. Rosica needs a long vacation someplace with no phones, e-mail or Internet


Define trivial.


Ate meat on Friday is one.

Missed a Holy Day of Obligation in the past which over 30 no longer exists.

I could go on, but Vatican II helped correct many of these abuses.

I guess you’ve had to live long enough as a Catholic to have experience bad confessors, which there were more of than good one’s at times.



Which as I checked last is still a sin when done on Fridays during Lent. That is not trivial.

And last time I checked it is a mortal sin to miss Mass on that date.


Before Vatican II we could not eat meat of Friday.

Mother’s who forgot it was Friday and cooked meat for their family supper, were told not to serve it or commit a mortal sin. Fine when we had refrigeration and could save the meal for the next day, but before refrigeration, it meant throwing the food out

Last time you checked ?

Well, you didn’t learn all the Holy Days of Obligation the Church made in the past, and it was in order to build up the coffers of the Church, for parishioners had to give a monetary donation at every Mass.

Today we have Holy Days of Obligation which are important for our faith, the Assumption, being the most recent is one, but the Bishops remove the obligation if the day falls on Saturday or Monday.

They didn’t use to and this was just in the US after Vatican II


This is nonsense. Jesus never placed this yoke on us.


Yet He himself kept the obligations of His religion. I’m sure He’d expect us to keep the disciplines of ours.


No he didn’t.

Remember when he healed on the Sabbath and the Pharisees attacked him on it ?

Remember when the Apostles were seen eating grains of wheat on the Sabbath ?

And of course the woman caught in adultery, according to the law of Jesus religion, was to be stoned to death.

Jesus observed the spirit of the religion, not the letter.

God didn’t send Jesus to change His mind about man, but for man to change his mind about God.



Nonsense’: Cardinal Burke Rebukes Fr. Rosica For Saying Francis Is Above Scripture


I don’t see how this applies, considering this was a trap. As to your other objections regarding the Sabbath, Jesus taught the true meaning of the Sabbath. He was not a law breaker, but a law fulfiller.


“I have not come to abolish, but to fulfill” says the Lord. Do you believe Jesus broke the law?


It wasn’t a trap it’s what the Jewish Religion as taught in the Torah mandated for women caught in adultery.

You claimed that Jesus kept the obligations of his religion.

Scripture shows us that he didn’t. He revoked what he saw as abuses and those abuses were those which placed a heavy yoke on people.



Did he stone adulterers and homosexuals as prescribed in the Torah by Moses ?

Did he allow the Apostles to break the Sabbath fast, again as prescribed in the Torah ?

He violated the laws that placed heavy burdens on men and were not of God, but of men.

The law Jesus came to fulfil was that of his bringing salvation to the world.



Consider this: the Law stated that the woman was supposed to have a trial, however the priests simply dragged her to Christ, and that the woman and the person who committed adultery with her were to be stoned together. Also consider that if Jesus said “Stone her” the religious leaders would report Him to Rome for murder, and if He said “Do not stone her,” He would have been discredited. So yes, it was a trap.


He fulfilled, not violated.


That was the way they had their trial

Would Jesus have treated the woman differently in a formal trial by the Sanhedrin ?



We don’t know.


Yes we do know

We do have scholars in the Catholic Church who know a few things about the Jewish Religion of Christ’s time.



This is the question I answered with the words “We don’t know.”

But you said:

Now one of two things is happening: either you have a short memory, or you are simply ignoring what you have posted.

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