Vatican Allows Nun to Join the SSPX

On 28 May 2011 Father Couture, the District Superior, came to visit our Convent. He had been delegated by Bishop Fellay to receive the vows of Mother Mary Micaela as she transferred from the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of New Zealand to the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui.

She had special permission from the Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes in Rome to do this. As far as we know this is a world first, that a Sister would be allowed to transfer from a Novus Ordo congregation to a congregation set up by Bishop Fellay. The whole procedure implies a recognition of our Congregation, and of the religious of Tradition, by Rome.

Sign that there is some big news coming on September 14?



I pray this is a sign of good things to come. If nothing else, it proves that the Society is recognized as Roman Catholic !

God Bless H.H. BXVI, and all who give their life to the service of Holy Mother Church !

Yep! This is WONDERFUL! It’s a long road to Tipperary, but no one said how long the road to full reunion is! God Bless :signofcross::byzsoc:

Interesting. Seems to be a firm beginning to some canonical regularization of the SSPX. I hope we hear more.

A red hat for Bishop Fellay in the works ?

Notice Cardinal Hoyos holding onto his ? “Oh no Holy Father, he can’t have mine ! Get him his own !”


I doubt Fellay will be a Cardinal anytime soon, but I think he would be very happy with some type of regularization.


excellent news regarding the sisters transfer approval!

Outstanding news. Keep the prayers going. In fact intensify them for the next 3+ weeks.


Deo gratias!

I believe this news speaks volumes of what is to come 9/14, right? There would be no reason for H H BXVI to allow this if it were not for good news come 9/14, In MHO! :thumbsup:

I pray it’s so Rich.

The OP also posted this tidbit…

I know, just being silly :slight_smile:

You bet :thumbsup:

This is interesting and I wonder what significance it will have.


Oh happy days indeed, trotted off to Mass this am and enjoyed very much the spectacle of11 nuns and 4 postulants at the altar rail at communion time, Mother also has the problem of the convent being too small for them.

Oh dear, this is too delicious! Pray the Holy Father remains hale and hearty and healthy for the next month, at least, so a great chapter in the Church’s history can be closed.

My conservative Anglican friend says the Church would explode with both FSSP and SSPX being approved. :stuck_out_tongue: “There’s not enough room for two huge, virtuous, muscular traditionalist groups!”; oh, how little he knows Catholicism!

It is delicious! I loved your comment, it suited the situation excellently!

Would you happen to know if there is an official Vatican source, or some other official source from Rome, that can confirm this?

No, but the SSPX’s German website is also reporting now that this nun’s move was approved by the Vatican. I can’t imagine they would just make that up.

The SSPX German website isn’t an official source for the Vatican or Rome. Also, from the OP, the nun’s move happened this last May, so it isn’t immediately recent.

I’m not implying that the situation is made up. But I’d like to see an official non-SSPX version. What bothers me is that the OP states that the situation “implies recognition of our congregation, and of tradition, by Rome.”

Question: can recognition be implied? I thought that a congregation or religious group is either recognised, or not recognised (officially?). One or the other. I could be wrong.

And what is meant, really, by “recognised?”

Sorry if I’m seeming to nit-pick here.

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