Vatican ambassador predicts Trump will drop campaign rhetoric [CNA]


Here is what is going to happen, Trump will build the wall. But the economy is grow so fast we wont be able to afford to send the illegals back, there will be too many jobs available.


Yes, and real americans thank God he was elected.


So the millions of Americans who did not vote for him are not real Americans? I hope he does not govern with that attitude.


No, just feminazis and beta males. :rolleyes:


But you agree Trump does support the use of violence though? You can’t really deny it unless you think Trump is a liar (;))


Yuck, alt-right speak.

There is no such thing as a beta male by the way. Modern studies have shown that wolves have a structure that is identical to human family structures so the whole concept of alpha and beta males is based on disproven theories (science isn’t one of the alt-rights strong points though). There is no such thing as an alpha (and by extension, a beta).

Behaviour in 1971, examined the potential of individual cubs to become alphas, implying that the wolves would someday live in packs in which some would become alphas and others would be subordinate pack members. However, Mech explains, his studies of wild wolves have found that wolves live in families: two parents along with their younger cubs. Wolves do not have an innate sense of rank; they are not born leaders or born followers. The “alphas” are simply what we would call in any other social group “parents.” The offspring follow the parents as naturally as they would in any other species. No one has “won” a role as leader of the pack; the parents may assert dominance over the offspring by virtue of being the parents.


I have been looking at alt-right YouTube videos and they are pretty much against women and non-whites. Everyone who is not a straight white male is the problem. Sort of like the left who paints straight white males as the problem.

The right and left are the different sides of the same coin. Both of them blames the other.

Makes me glad to be Catholic as I don’t have to subscribe to either nonsense.


Don’t know if Jane Goodall agrees when it comes to primates.


Okay, I admit I made the mistake of looking at non-human species, that was stupid of me. Humans are far more complicated than other primates though.

Do alpha males even exist?


By and large, no I don’t think those who voted for Hillary are patriotic Americans. I can tell you this almost ever single liberal I know believe the USA and all other countries are equal.

Why should Trump govern this way, Obama did. Who remembers the bitter clingers or they can be on the bus but need to go to the back of the bus. or the quote, "For the first time in my life I am proud of my country.?



So what do you propose we do with those that disagree with your politics - just deport them, or should they be eliminated more permanently? Or maybe I am not entitled to know because, despite being a retired Marine and a combat veteran, I have just learned that I am not a patriot like you.


Just look at what Obama did with all those that disagree with his politics? Did Obama deport conservatives? Did he eliminate them? No, But he made it real clear their political position was going to be ignored.

It funny how liberals think. When they won the white house they come out an announce that you either get on the train or be left behind. Then when we win the white house, they start demand a seat at the table.

I want Trump to erase the past 8 years. I want him to do exactly what he promised to do. Here are just a few things he promised.

Cancel all unconstitutional executive order issued by President Obama.

Punish countries that use illegal trade tactic to hurt the American worker

Renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205.

Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

**label China a currency manipulator

**Find a replacement for Justice Scalia I think he should select ted.

Build the wall

Establishes tariffs to stop companies from laying off their workers in order to relocate in other countries and ship their products back to the U.S. tax-free.

Repeal Obama care

Lower the corp tax rate to 15%

and I would love for him to push the fair tax plan.

So no I dont think he will drop his campaign promises.

Each and every promise he made will help create a boom economy.


It seems indicative of a serious problem in problems in the US and increasingly elsewhere that those who vote in a different way are seen as not truly ‘patriotic’ at times. Not a new trend but one that has never produced good results.

Patriotism is a virtue in measured doses, arrogant nationalism which insists ‘my nation above all others’ can be a dangerous and lethal drug on the other hand.


If Obama had tried to fix the banking crises during his transition period, the Republicans would have screamed bloody murder. Not a matter of governing.


The dishonest media has been covering him for over 30 years through his six bankruptcies and failed marriages and a few other litigation. They bought his brand name. Now giving him all sorts of free air time giving him a proverbial rope to hang himself. Such injustice.




Good for you. It was Cardinal George who once said to the effect that he who is able to label something or someone, he saves himself the trouble of thinking.


Western civilization is the greatest civilization of ever exist on this planet. The USA is the greatest example of western civilization.


I respectfully disagree with the ambassador. Previous behavior and current behavior are good indicators of how someone will behave (or misbehave) in the future. Trump will be under an even bigger microscope when he takes office, and he will hear far more criticism than he does now. And as his twitter account proves, Trump hears all of the criticism. So I actually expect his behavior to get worse. :blush:


Can you start a thread at some point to expound on your views at what the banking crises consists of?

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