Vatican approval of Iraq strikes are a rare exception

Vatican fears genocide of the Christians in Iraq. Vatican is approving only airstrikes at this time. Let’s stop this Iraqi group(wild beasts) from slaughtering any more innocent people.:thumbsup:

Thanks for the news, and thankyou America. Praying for the success of the mission, and the safe return of the military personnel.


very sad speech from the Archbishop of Mosul](

Our sufferings today are the prelude of those you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future. I lost my diocese. The physical setting of my apostolate has been occupied by Islamic radicals who want us converted or dead. But my community is still alive.

Please, try to understand us. Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims. Also you are in danger. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal. Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.

These are very scary times we are in…and may get scarier if we don’t do anything about it today.:eek::nunchuk::nunchuk:

Pope Francis did not approve the strikes. I heard his words. What he said was that “stopping un unfair aggression is legitimate” and that this seemed like one. But that the means should be evaluated and that it´s not up to a single country, but to the international comunity as a whole, via the UN or other similar organization, to determine such means. He explicitly said that he was not approving bombings or any sort of war declaration.

A quote from AFP newsVatican City (AFP) - Fearing a genocide of Christians, the Vatican has given its approval to US military air strikes in Iraq – a rare exception to its policy of peaceful conflict resolution.

Thought it was refering to the Pope´s words, on the plane that took him back from Korea. I see it´s a Vatican´s proclamation. Sorry for the confusion.

Why aren’t Muslim countries using their military to stop the ISIS murderers?

Could you imagine the response of the western countries if someone used the banner of Christianity for such barbarism?

Saudi Arabia? Turkey? Anyone?

Well, this shows that SOME things are worth battles, war, related violence, if it means stopping it. I think they probably should say the same about the fight against abortion too, but thats another thread/topic entirely, but even Jesus himself said SOME wars/battles are JUST.

The news article we are discussing concerns a comment made a few days ago by a papal nuncio. However, today, Pope Francis rejected that comment.

Answering questions regarding the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities by fundamentalists of the Islamic State (IS), the Pope said that “it is legitimate to halt the unjust aggressor”. And he underlined the word “halt” pointing out that does not mean to “bomb”. He said the methods used to halt the aggressor are to be evaluated. The Pope also pointed out that in these cases we must not forget “how many times with the excuse of halting the unjust aggressor (…) have powerful nations taken possession of peoples and waged a war of conquest!” A single nation, he said, cannot judge how to stop an unjust aggressor, and he pointed to the United Nations as the right venue to discuss the issue.

I think it is important to note that Pope Francis rejected the unilateral use of force, such as the US airstrikes. This contradicts the headline and the opening sentences of the AFP news article.

Thanks for the update.:wink:

I would imagine that a caliphate that puts total, unlimited power in the hands of the state is not something the powers in the region are eager to speak out against. Likewise, they don’t want to speak out against any specific tactic because they want to keep the door open to use those tactics, themselves.

I imagine the response would be to condemn Christianity.

That is my question as well. I do not want to hear anymore about how Islam is a religion of peace and these atrocities do not represent Islam. I am sick of excuses while evil people continue to practice evil in the name or Allah. It is time for the Muslim world to put up or shut up. Send force against these monsters, or don’t expect me to believe you when you say, “Peace, peace.”

I am hoping and praying that ISIS is eliminated as soon as possible.

We are placing a bandaid on a mortal head wound. The bloodbath will never be stopped by mere human work. The Islamists are being strengthened by the legions of the evil one. The only Crusade that will crush the barbarians who are killing in the name of their moon god is a Crusade of prayer where we brandish the Cross of Christ as our all powerful sword. Pray the Rosary daily, pray for God to move His hand and route the enemy. Trust in Jesus for the victory is already His.


I recall a image of Our Lady with the moon under her feat as she does in others portaying the snake. Could there be something there to this??? Islam = serpent.

Pope Francis is sponsoring a soccer match for peace on sept 1. Ya, that’ll work!

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