Vatican Approved National Shrine/Apparition Unapproved


Per the adage from the “Song of Bernadette”; “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.”

Per Theology, this is an interesting paradox and contrast as I harbor no skepticism and see it as justice in the least.

The National Shrine of Vietnam is the Basilica of Our Lady of La Vang.

Yet, the Apparition itself, is not approved, largely because I believe that at that time, Vietnam and the jungles of which were the backdrop of these events was probably rather remote, occuring in and around 1798. Parts of Vietnam converted by French Missionaries.

I mean if something similar happened in the Old West of the United States, perhaps the Mormons relate stories, I don’t know, we would have a hard time proving such.

A rather interesting contrast as there are a number of Churches in the US named this as well.

And to be fair, an essay questioning the apparitions and from the way this essay looks, I’d have to believe it is written from a pro-communist government of Vietnam outlook which I find fault with and it may even be ignorant on some points, but everyone can read it. It calls to mind one government’s propoganda concerning Tibet.

I pray for this apparition to receive approval someday and with what has just happened in Laus, perhaps it is plausible that such will occur.

Pope John Paul II, very adept at appraising a country under communism said “In visiting the shrine of Our Lady of La Vang, who is so loved by the Vietnamese faithful, pilgrims come to entrust to her their joys and sorrows, their hopes and sufferings. In this way, they call on God and become intercessors for their families and nation, asking the Lord to infuse in the heart of all people feelings of peace, fraternity and solidarity, so that all the Vietnamese will be more united every day in the construction of a world based on essential spiritual and moral values, where each one will be recognized because of his dignity as a son of God, and be able go in freedom and as a son toward the Father of Heaven, rich in mercy.”


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