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Can anyone help me with some alegations I am trying to deal with in respect of the dealings of the Vatican bank?

Specifically this one

And this one

Does the Church have an official response to such allegations? Are they cause for concern? The bank claims to have no records apparently, anyone know anything about this?


If you’re truly interested, you may want to read an interesting book by a Rabbi called "The Myth of Hitler’s Pope: How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis".

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Sounds to me like the typical moonbat stuff trying to connect dots that are linked within perfectly innocent circumstances. For example, did you know that any 2 people in the world can be connected by less than 7 degrees of separation? For example, connect X and Z because X knows W who knows Y who knows Z.

Seven degrees of separation, at most, connect any two people in the world. It’s a sociological fact.

That’s how the whack jobs in the American democrat party convinced themselves that the Bush family is in cahoots with Osama Bin Laden. Michael Moore profited greatly from this old ploy.

Anyway, seeing as how you’re a Brit, did you know erstwhile Beatle George Harrison had a song about this Vatican scandal on his last CD Brainwashed? It’s true. A real toe-tapper. I miss the mop-tops. McCartney might come back to the Church though, which would be cool.


If the bank says there are no records, I am willing to bet that there are no records because the allegations are in all likelyhood made up. I don’t know why athiests and protestants keep believing that the Vatican has money stashed everywhere. To argue against it, you have no need to. People who believe and write stuff like that need to support their claims. They have conjecture and a hypothesis based off of a strong anticatholic bias, nothing more. The burden of proof rests on them.


Good heavens, talk about old news. One article was posted in 1998 by atheists and the other in 2000 by a law firm. These can’t be serious issues if nothing worthwhile has caused them to be updated in 5 to 7 years.


Well the law courts made a judgement, so it must have been fairly seriously considered.

Is this the best we can do? Does anyone know anything about these stories?

I was thinking that perhaps the Church and the bank are seperate…To what extent are they intertwined?

This story What happened? Anyone know? Why was the guy hung?

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