Vatican board game?


Has anyone seen or played this game: It looks like a lot of fun though it seems a little weird that the winner becomes Pope.

I’m looking for an educational Catholic board game for my 10 and 13 yo. Any other ideas? Thanks!


Look at this site for some ideas: Catholic Company

I gave my young cousins a game on learning the Catechism a few years ago and they loved it! Can’t recall right now what it was called.

EDIT: - duh, it’s right there on the page - it’s the Divinity game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not crazy about the “become the Pope” game. :cool:



“Divinity Game” looks good. Anything that helps with the catechism has got to be helpful. Wish it had been about when I was a kid.


I really wanted to open it and play with it before I gave it to them, but it was shrink wrapped all pretty and I didn’t want it to look like a used game. But I was tempted!!! :o



You know, I played that game (Divinity) once many, many years ago and was befuzzled by a few of the questions I found- one I remember was “Who is the patron saint of mechanics?” and the supposed answer was “St. Otto Partz”. Now, I think that’s hilarious, personally, but what else are they sticking in there that I’m taking at face value?


No kidding?! That IS odd.


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