Vatican Chief Justice: Nancy Pelosi Must Be Denied Communion

( – Because of her longstanding support for abortion, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), a Catholic, must be denied Communion under the law of the Catholic Church, said Cardinal Raymond Burke, head of the highest court at the Vatican…

Hopefully it will lead her to contemplate her decisions and actions, consider her immortal soul and relationship with God. Ultimately reconciliation with the Church.

It will be interesting to see if she reacts defensively or with due consideration for the message.

She didn’t even listen to Benedict XVI. Abortion is “sacred ground” to her. :doh2: :frowning:

This is a good beginning. Pelosi’s not the only one who needs to be admonished.

This is good news if you are vulnerable, voiceless and unborn.

This is excellent news. I pray she will re-examine her conscience.


has her bishop done something similar?

Quote. You want to act like a non-Catholic, then act like one in everything.

And quote, again. :thumbsup: We must pray always for our fallen brothers and sisters.

Too bad this isn’t front page news in all of our newspapers! She is a lost sheep.

This is very necessary, I hope it causes her to re-examine her conscience.

Interesting that this happened right after Francis’ Jesuit interview.

Does she go to Mass?

I hope it sends a message to other Catholic politicians.

Thank God for this, it’s about time. I hope that similar announcements will follow for others of Pelosi’s ilk. Hopefully it will cause them to reconsider their positions, I pray it will; but I highly doubt it.

What is the confidence level that this will be actually enforced – if she even attends Mass?

She has not yet been denied communion. This was a statement made by Cardinal Burke as an opinion, it was not official.

Thank you opus for giving folks…“the rest of the story”.

It is good to know the whole story, though I’m quite sad to see that it was not an official declaration.

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