Vatican City: Global Catholic Social Network Launched Under the Leadership of Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga and Bishop Farrell

“DeoSpace” – from the Latin Deo “God” and “space” for “cyberspace” – is the social network of the New Evangelization.

DeoSpace today announced the launch of a global Catholic social network headed by its Chairman Oscar Andrés Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga, S.D.B., Coordinator of the papally-appointed Cardinal Advisory Group and Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, and its President, Most Rev. Kevin Farrell, Bishop of Dallas. The Managing Director of DeoSpace is Mario Cappello, President of the Rome, Italy-based Institute for World Evangelization. DeoSpace is a virtual home for those who are or were Catholic Christians and those who are simply interested in the Catholic Church. DeoSpace is unique in serving as a hybrid of physical and virtual social networks: members of parish communities can now interact online with each other and with others across the Catholic world. In its initial release, DeoSpace is available in Italian, Spanish and English. You are invited to sign up as a member of the DeoSpace social network at and select the language of your choice.

Very interesting, thanks for posting.

Now it is only a matter of time before the atheist hackers and trolls show up for the bait. That’s the plan right?


cool thanks I will give it a try.

Now you’ve done it. You forgot to mention the secret handshake. Wait. What? It’s the internet?

Never mind.

Ed :slight_smile:


Thanks for the post.

Talk about a wonderful day! I started a thread today asking if the Church will ever give us a Bishop of the Internet and all in a days work; I learn that we do not only have a Bishop but also a Cardinal to boot!

True, the Cardinal and Bishop of are working with that particular website but, it’s still good and we also have a Bishop for communication which covers the internet. Good.

I don’t understand what it is. (Maybe you have to sign up to understand). Is the chat like a forum? Is it an alternative to Face Book, like Awestruck? I see they have a page on Face Book. Anybody been inside who can explain a bit more?


Yes, I just signed up today. It’s like Facebook. You get to have your own page, create a group, chat, and for now that’s about it. You can see the Catholic news, tweets of the Pope etc… to the right hand side and like that. They will be adding more features including more languages. Right now it is only available in Spanish, English and - I think Italian.

Thanks. Hmm… I joined Awestruck and then never went back to it because all my friends were on Face Book.

I signed up too, and yes, it looks comparable to Facebook but with Catholic news, links, etc.

I can see this being a great tool for fostering fellowship within a Diocese, organizing events, and such.

Thanks to this thread I was the 1,489th person to sign up for it, so now I want it to grow so I can look cool when it has millions of people :wink:

:slight_smile: How can I find my registration number? :smiley:

On the homepage, in the lower left, it lists the most recent people to sign up, and below that it lists how many total members there are. So when I was the most recent sign-up, there were 1489 total members.

Don’t know if you can tell after that or not :slight_smile:

how can we link up and be friends on this site?

This sounds very promising! I’ll sign up as soon as I can. :slight_smile:

Thank you for link. Joined!:slight_smile:

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