Vatican demands reform of American nuns' leadership group [CWN]

The Archbishop Delegate’s role is to provide “review, guidance and approval, where necessary, of the work of the LCWR,” the CDF document said.

The mandate for the Delegate “will be for a period of up to five years, as deemed necessary,” the document said. It calls for additional advisers – bishops, women religious and other experts – “to work with the leadership of the LCWR to achieve the goals necessary to address the problems outlined in this statement.”It also asked for a formal link between the Delegate and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Archbishop Sartain certainly needs our prayers and support.

I await Sr. Joan Chittister’s comments with bated breath!

They just need to clean out that rats nest of liberal nuns. Disorganize 'em. Break 'em up. Do a “Bishop Bruskewitz” on 'em. (Give 'em 30 days to disassociate themselves with the heterodox organizations, or get excommunicated.) That would be the simplest and easiest way to solve the problem.

No need to wait. If you look at Father James Martin’s Facebook page, where he posted a link to the USCCB announcement, you will see all of Sr.Joan’s talking points. :frowning: (not from Father, just those commenting on the link) It’s like a free preview.

Link pls?

Be careful what you ask for. :smiley:!/FrJamesMartin

Just to clarify, Sr. Joan has not posted to Father’s FB page. But most of the comments are in her mold.

Thanks. :wink:

Ugh… No kidding. Modernism incarnate.

hmm… I see people are taking this as an attack on nuns and sisters they themselves loved and respected, or as an attack on women religious in general.

For instance: Why are they doing this to the women who really helped lay the foundation of the American Catholic Church?

Or: Once more, a group of men with more than a few problems of their own choose to turn their thinking to how to fix women. Seems to me there is a lot of evidence that there a lot of men in the church that need fixing! Heal thyself, Bishops!

With now and again some common sense:* Look you guys, as a young women interested in religious life and someone who has had a privileged view into a handful of women’s religious communities, the action by the Vatican is long overdue.*

I’m sick of all this us vs them mentality in the Church right now: women vs men; religious vs secular; priests vs lay; SSPX or TLM vs OF.

We’ve got a battle on our hands. We need to pull together. It’s time we all got behind the Pope and fought the real fights of our times.

I have been following this since the beginning.
The ArchBishop has my prayers!

This is not going to be received well in my diocese. I love all of our sisters, and sadly, some of them have fallen into some serious error, and have spent years spreading that error and confusing a lot of people, me included.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this whole thing plays out, on a national level, and especially for me locally. I pray that all involved set aside their own agendas and let the Holy Spirit guide them in this process!

I concur with Fr. Powell here. It is no surprise that there were issues, one would have to have lived under a rock to avoid hearing about it, but that the results of the investigation were made so public. Frankly, given the current state of the Church in the United States with several prominent women religious openly challenging the US Bishops on the HHS Mandate, this might be a bit of a deliberate act in releasing this document. I could be wrong, but the timing is awfully good for such a thing.

Anyone who has read many of my posts knows my feelings on the scandal that has been caused among the faithful by allowing these wayward religious to openly defy Church teaching on multiple issues. I am hopeful that this represents a positive step towards fixing the problem which has been allowed to remain for far too long.

As usual, there are passages that seem a bit soft until you look into them a bit. In addition how I feel above, those who know me in the slightest on this forum are all too aware of my thoughts on lack of clear language from the Church and my opinion on how it affects the faithful trying to understand things properly and live their faith. With that in mind, perhaps Brother JR or someone else who is used to deciphering Church writing (I hesitate to call the language used in most Church documents English, even those which were not translated from Latin such as those put out directly by the USCCB) will help out and clarify or give a point by point interpretation.

Peace of Christ,


Let’s hope that in a decade or so, our faithful religious Congregations and Orders will be overflowing will young novices.

Agreed. Many of them already are, particularly the ones who go out of their way to proclaim their faithfulness to the Magesterium.

I hate to gloat on this, but man, Catholics with a liberal slant are having a bad few months, and a really bad week. First the new Mass translation, then the HHS debacle, and now in the same week we have the SSPX situation and now this. Heck its only Wed, perhaps the Holy Father is just getting warmed up! :smiley:

Now that I read this again, it is far easier to understand than most things put out by the USCCB or the Vatican.

Between this and the document on religious freedom which just came out, I am beginning to think that Vatican and the USCCB has a new writing staff or something. Compare the clarity of writing with the 2008 guide to voting or even the recent update to the introduction and you will see what I mean.


Next stop, the National Coalition of American Nuns…

I have to be honest, I am every bit as happy about this document coming out as I am about the directions things are progressing with SSPX. Perhaps more so. Way too many Catholics have been scandalized and led astray by some of these women. It is high time that the Vatican grabbed the reigns.

Reports are that Archbishop Peter Sartain of Seattle has been designated as the archbishop delegate for the initiative. Bishop Leonard Blair and Bishop Thomas John Paprocki were also named.

I don’t know these gentlemen other than the brouhaha going on in Seattle right now with the marriage petition issue.

I really admire nuns and I think they are sometimes completely overlooked. I wish there was more recognition for them in the church. I feel sad that some of these nuns have turned their back on the teachings of the Catholic church and I will pray for them that they once against start down God’s right path.

Sr. Chittister has now weighed in on this.

Although LCWR officers did not immediately return requests for comment on this story, a former leader of the group told NCR that the appointment and the order for the group to revise itself was “actually immoral.”

“Within the canonical framework, there is only one way I can see to deal with this,” said Benedictine Sr. Joan Chittister, who has served as president of the group as well as in various leadership positions. (Chittister also writes a column for NCR.) "They would have to disband canonically and regroup as an unofficial interest group.

Be forewarned, the comments are not for the weak stomached.


Here is how the LCWR reacted when the visitation was announced a few years ago. As Fr. Phillip, OP noted above, expect much gnashing of teeth and throwing of ashes. I can do without the rending of garments to be honest.

The Vatican has called for a thorough reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), the umbrella group that represents most of the women’s religious orders in the …


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