Vatican directs bishops to keep parish records from Mormons

Well, the records belong to the Church. They are not public information. I do not know why this would be a strain.

O for Pete’s sake, of all the crazy ***** things the mormons do who cares if they have a make believe baptism. Is the thread of reality so weak that this stupidity could have any effect what so ever on this life or the next???

Father James Massa, executive director of the U.S. bishops’ Secretariat of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, said the step was taken to prevent the Latter-day Saints from using records – such as baptismal documentation – to posthumously baptize by proxy the ancestors of church members.

Works for me!

Well, I’m pleased with this decision. I’ve done some genealogical research online and I was shocked to see how many of my ancestors have been “baptized” in the Mormon faith, some “baptisms” being 500 years or more after their deaths. There is no statue of limitations on them, unfortunately.

I know this may sound futile to some but to those of us living in Utah, it’s nice to have our information off limits to the LDS church. Although I found out last night on the news that the Diocese in Utah has always kept that information private. Actually I can’t speak for all Catholics but the ones I know are happy about this. Some LDS members were actually baptizing Holocaust victims. The leaders of the Mormons church issued several statements telling them to stop but they didn’t. The Mormon leaders said the couldn’t stop their zealous members from baptizing them (but their leaders can meet with the members once a year and tell them how much money to give their church).
I for one find the baptizing to be insulting. I’m a grown woman (I’ll be 40 tomorrow!). I know what I’m doing and I don’t want some member 50 years after I’m gone to baptize me and show me listed as a member of the LDS church.

My mom and I have both threatened to haunt any one who baptizes us after we are gone. :smiley:

About 15 years ago, some Mormons were also baptizing Catholic saints. Like I said, it’s an insult to the memory of a person.

Such idiocy !

Don’t they respect the dead !

Why not play their game too.

Re-baptize all the dead LDS members to the Catholic Church !

I know it means nothing but it might angers the LDS enough to leave Catholics alone. :smiley:

What do they think of that !

:smiley: Cathgal,I like your suggestion.
The whole thing just makes me laugh.
I’m sure my ancestors are laughing about this.
My dad’s mother ,well her family they were lutherans from Riga, so i’m sure they think it’s stupid too,wonder what old martin luther and John Calvin would think of all this if they were alive.

Lets baptize them and find out. :wink:

I think the Pope should declare all catholic baptisms ‘rubberized’ so that any posthumous lds baptisms will simply ‘bounce off’ and be ineffective.

Talk about a stupid concept, baptism of the dead.

So, how would that Papal statement read?

“The Most Reverend and Holy Benedict XVI, Vicar of Christ and Successor of Peter, sincerely and lovingly imparts the following message to our Mormon brethren: We’re rubber, you’re glue. Your baptism bounces off us and sticks to you!

BTW, I agree with the Vatican action and thank them for it. I too live in a predominantly Mormon town and would not like to find out that I or my dead relatives had been “baptized” in the local temple without our consent. I am not Mormon for very good reasons, and they can’t make me one by force!

This is one of the funniest things I have ever read here! :rotfl:

Is this a sneaky way for the mormons to up thier numbers?
hey look, we have 15 billion mormons now…really!

so what’s the big deal? anyone can fantasize a thousand baptisms but the one done right the first time is the only one that counts. Mormon baptism is not even valid.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Too bad they don’t have a “laughed til I wet myself” smiley!! (oops, was that too much information?) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m no moderator, but I think you might be right…for this particular thread on posthumous Ids baptisms anyway - leaves it wide open for misinterpretation.

Personally I find it a little refreshing to see a thread with some humor in it. So many of them can evolve into heated arguments with abusive undercurrents…besides no one will be able to accuse you of being a hypocrite (…needed my dictionary for that last word …keep tripping over my tongue when I try to pronounce posthumous too]) :blush:

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The Mormons have contributed a lot to genealogical research, but it’s a shame that , that it is not its real intent.

From a site I use posted today on this issue. I do genealogy and their files though not always accurate sue have been a help to me. I found old German church records that led me to my family in Germany

Kimberly’s Genealogy Blog
From Kimberly Powell,
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Vatican Orders Catholic Parish Registers Off-Limits to LDS Church
A recent letter issued by the Vatican Congregation for Clergy directs Roman Catholic dioceses worldwide to keep The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from “microfilming and digitizing information” contained in Catholic sacramental registers, according to a report in the Catholic News Service. The reason give for the move is to prevent LDS Church members from using the records to posthumously baptize Catholic ancestors by proxy.
The Vatican directive says the purpose of the policy is to:

"ensure that such a detrimental practice is not permitted in [each bishop’s] territory, due to the confidentiality of the faithful and so as not to cooperate with the erroneous practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."One of the core tenets of Mormon faith is that the dead can be baptized into the Church to offer them the opportunity to accept the faith in an afterlife and achieve salvation. Many Jews and Christians have been upset by this practice, and see it as usurping the memory of their departed relatives. Some of this has been due to such names appearing in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) which does include the records of temple work submitted by member of the LDS Church, but also includes names extracted from civil records as part of a Records Extraction Project. In other words, just because a name is in the IGI, doesn’t mean the individual was baptized into the Latter-day Saints faith after their death, although stories such as Will Pope Benedict become a Mormon after he dies? seem to appear in the news media fairly regularly. Ironically, the Vatican Offices of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared in June 2001 that baptism conferred by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not valid. The response was signed by the prefect, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger — now Pope Benedict XVI.

I’m often asked if I’m a Mormon when people first learn of my interest in genealogy, but in actuality I’m a Catholic - and on just about every branch of my family tree. I just spent some time this week researching some of my French Catholic ancestors in 17th century parish registers - online, of course! I can’t even begin to imagine how long this research would have otherwise taken trying to compose letters in French to request copies of baptism and marriage records for which I did not have an exact date. Without those Catholic parish registers there would have been few, if any, surviving records available to help me piece together my family tree.

The LDS Church has microfilmed millions of pages of parish registers from all over the world – many of them from Catholic parishes. In doing so, they preserve these valuable records for future generations, and make them available to people all over the world - people of all faiths and beliefs. Restricting access to these records by the Latter-day Saints hurts everyone, and possibly even denies the Catholic church part of its own heritage as unfilmed records are lost to decay, flood or fire. As David M. Bresnahan so eloquently stated in his article Genealogists Need Catholic Records to Find Ancestors - Families Have Right to Family History, “Hopefully Mormons, Catholics, and genealogists of all faiths can unite in prayer that those who are responsible for this decision will reconsider, particularly as the consequences of this policy become manifest.”

If they were only doing it for geneological research, that would be fine. But the very idea that someone would, after I died, attempt to re-baptise me by proxy make me feel rather violated. Personally, I have to agree with the poster that threatened to come back and haunt anyone who tried to rebaptize them. :smiley: Fortunately, God already knows who we are, and what our choices during life have been. Any effort to posthumously baptize by proxy is (apart from offensive) an exercise in futility.

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