Vatican document on the Eucharist

Can anyone show me a document about the Eucharist being the literal body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and not a symbol.

Symbolism Inadequate to Express Real Presence

44. While Eucharistic symbolism is well suited to helping us understand the effect that is proper to this Sacrament—the unity of the Mystical Body—still it does not indicate or explain what it is that makes this Sacrament different from all the others. For the constant teaching that the Catholic Church has passed on to her catechumens, the understanding of the Christian people, the doctrine defined by the Council of Trent, the very words that Christ used when He instituted the Most Holy Eucharist, all require us to profess that “the Eucharist is the flesh of Our Savior Jesus Christ which suffered for our sins and which the Father in His loving kindness raised again.” (47) To these words of St. Ignatius, we may well add those which Theodore of Mopsuestia, who is a faithful witness to the faith of the Church on this point, addressed to the people: “The Lord did not say: This is symbol of my body, and this is a symbol of my blood, but rather: This is my body and my blood. He teaches us not to look to the nature of what lies before us and is perceived by the senses, because the giving of thanks and the words spoken over it have changed it into flesh and blood.” (45) …

45. …
For what now lies beneath the aforementioned species is not what was there before, but something completely different; and not just in the estimation of Church belief but in reality, since once the substance or nature of the bread and wine has been changed into the body and blood of Christ, nothing remains of the bread and the wine except for the species—beneath which Christ is present whole and entire in His physical “reality,” corporeally present, although not in the manner in which bodies are in a place.

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John chapter 6

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I will probably be kicked off the forum for this but lately I have been thinking that the more we objectify Christ’s presence in the Eucharistic species the less we appreciate his presence in ourselves, each other, and around us all the time.


People probably said something like that when Jesus walked the Earth - that the more we objectify God’s presence on that man over there, the less we focus on God’s presence in ourselves and in others around us. (I wonder if this is why so many walked away from Him, in John 6?)

Others have likely said that the more we objectify God’s presence in the Bible, the less we find God personally in ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

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Jesus could have “given Himself” to us in any way, shape or form. He gave us Himself in the bread and wine. We should realize that He did that for a specific reason and not forget that.

Joe, come on, be serious. Only all of them.

What is the real concern here?

Yes, the reason was not to forget Him.

Oh, I just wanted a document about the real presence to show to my Aunt because she thought the Eucharist was symbolic and not actually the body and blood of Christ

Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Baltimore Catechism.

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