Vatican downplays funding from pro-abortion Ford Foundation as tensions rise in Amazon Synod

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on on Twitter from one U.S. bishop.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas called it “disgusting” and called on Catholics to join him in denouncing it.

“As one Catholic Bishop I denounce this disgusting cooperation with evil & urge every believing Catholic to join me, we are morally bound to speak for the voiceless unborn children,” he wrote


Another source for those that object to lifesite.


I notice that those who oppose LifeSite give general accusations rather than specific facts to backup their claims

Actually it’s because of their accusations that has convinced me even more so that I need to financially contribute to LifeSite.


What has this got to do with the Synod itself?

Nothing. 123456

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We can hope that.

But I am sure we can all agree that it would be much better if the organizers of the events did not accept such funding.


The Ford Foundation provided funding for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood back in the '70s! :nauseated_face:

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I promise you, the parish does not do a background check on every donor.

Not a definite sign of collusion* but somewhat hypocritical to accept the funding.
Govt.'s contribute large amounts to Catholic initiatives,while being pro-abortion, but Govt.'s are using public money, so there is no contradiction in accepting such funding.

Lifesite is somewhat sensationalist in it’s headlines but it does report topics i wouldn’t hear elsewhere.

  • he who pays the piper calls the tune?
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The group that is running the synod has received substantial funding from a group whose aims are at odds with Catholic teaching and perspective.

Given the plethora of approved messages from La Salette, Fatima, Akita et al about infiltration and abandonment of proper Catholic teaching (from within and ‘top down’), people don’t seem to want to connect dots or consider the times we live in.


Interesting you mention these, I have been reading about them all weekend, along with Our Lady of Good Success, and the message of Garabandal, as yet unapproved, but shown to contain nothing contrary to Doctrine.

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