Vatican giving money


“The Vatican gives all this money to Israel every year, so they can bomb the s*** out of Palestine.”

Yes, more rantings from my crazy roommate… sorry. :frowning:

Does anyone know if it has any truth to it at ALL though? Does the Vatican give ANY money to Israel whatsoever??


The Vatican isn’t at all Zionist. They only established diplomatic ties with Israel in 1993

Evangelical Protestants on the other hand, tend to be very staunchly Zionists. Plenty of Evangelical churches have Israeli flags.


Thanks. Do you know if they give Israel any financial support at all, though. I seriously doubt it, myself, but I still wanted to make sure either way.


What are his sources? Where, exactly, is the “Palestine” in question? Does he mean the disputed territories?


Yeah, he means the disputed territories. The fictional country of “Palestine” that his fellow leftists are all so in love with for some reason. He doesn’t have any sources… he seems to be one of these guys who expects you to just believe everything he says without questioning it.


There are many Catholics living in the holy land be it Greek Catholics or Latin Catholics are Palestinians, so that doesn’t make much sense.


Tell him you would like to learn more and ask him for some resources.

It’s the Rapture-happy Evangelicals who want the Palestinians out of the land and are funding Israel so that the Messiah can come to the “true” Israel and take the Church out in time for the Tribulation. Sounds like this guy should be grousing about THEM, not the Vatican.


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