Vatican hiding Dead Sea Scrolls?


Some of you may have happened to see my earlier thread, where I mentioned some nonsense about the Catholic Church my roommate was spouting at me… Well, this is just some more of that.

One thing he also said, that I haven’t bothered to look into yet, is that the Vatican is keeping some of the Dead Sea Scrolls (allegedly so they can hide them from everybody else :rolleyes: ). Every place I’ve looked so far indicate that the majority of the scrolls are kept at various sites in Israel and Jordan, so I don’t know where he gets this stuff. However I also read that a few small fragments are owned by “private collectors” so I can’t vouch for those. Not that it would really validate my roommate’s crazy conspiracy theories even if some of those were kept in the Vatican.

Mainly I was wondering if anyone else might have heard someone allege this? I’m not sure if it’s one of those things in the Da Vinci code or something equally ridiculous. Realize from the start that my roommate is an extreme leftist who also claims that Vatican City was located on some island in the Mediterranean, Jesus had 13 apostles, one of the Popes denied the Holocaust, and other assorted crazy stuff, so of course I’m not taking this seriously either. I’m just trying to see if anyone knows the source of that rumour, or has heard anyone else say it?


On one hand we want to ignore claims like this and on the other hand they need to be refuted.

It doesn’t surprise me when “nuts” believe this stuff, but when I run across someone whom I care about or those who are suppose to be educated and smart believe this kind of stuff then I get real upset.

I don’t know how you are going to be able to remain roommates if he pursues this with intensity.

I believe that you are correct in stating that most of the Dead Sea Scrolls are in the hands of Israel.


There is a good article on the home page of Catholic Answers about the Pope Pius VII and the Jews during WW II


Mostly I keep my cool by not being at home very often, mostly just when I’m going to bed or taking a shower… sometimes when I’m eating. :frowning: Fortunately I have a lot of wonderful friends who are there for me when I need them, and also my school’s Catholic Student Center is open to me 24/7 and there’s always something to do over there. Lucky for me, otherwise I’d probably go insane.

It puzzles me too. He’s a university grad student but apparently they neglected to teach him any critical thinking skills during his stint in college. I guess with the way universities tend to be so extremely leftist now I really shouldn’t be surprised.


I looked into that argument of his already, and found it didn’t have a leg to stand on. I just mentioned it to give the people here an idea of how crazy this guy is.

What I haven’t looked into yet (at least not completely), is this thing about the Dead Sea Scrolls…


Try these links


Never heard that rumor. I always wonder why the big bad Vatican would hide stuff they don’t want the public to see rather than just burning it. I mean, duh! :smiley:

Someday you should ask your roomate why he, an atheist (I think?) spends more time thinking about the Vatican than do you, a Catholic.


My FIL once described one of his workers - He doesn’t know anything except what someone told him. I think that we all know a few of those.


LOL I would think he’s an atheist too… but I’m really not sure. He describes his parents as attending a church of some sort at least so he may be one of those “Christians in Name Only”. More than anything else he strikes me as one of those ultra-PC “spiritual but not religious” (ugh…) types who always cave in to popular opinion though.


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