Vatican II and Indult, Traditional Catholics

I hope I do not do any injustice by the way I title this thread. Basically I am addressing what Indult Catholics, which I understand to be those Catholics who attend Masses offered by FSSP and other priests.

I honestly am having a difficult time trying to understand certain passages in Vatican II which while not perhaps heterodox in character at least seem hard to reconcile with the dogmatic declarations of previous Councils and the constant teaching of the Church. I’ve read a few SSPX books (kindly sent to me) hoping to better understand the Vatican II documents in relation to previous dogmatic teachings of the Church. It seems that the SSPX reject the New Mass as filled with heretical errors, and Vatican II itself as a Council instigated and conducted by modernists and not valid for the true Catholic.

Where do the FSSP and other traditional Catholics in union with the Pope stand on certain teachings of Vatican II such as those pertaining to inter-religious dialogue, Church of Christ subsisting in the Catholic Church, etc.? Is there a book that I might benefit in reading which seeks to demonstrate that VII is not a false council, while at the same time demonstrating that all the “problematic” statements of VII should and can in fact be interpretted in an orthodox manner that is true to the constant teaching of the Church?

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