Vatican II and the Laity

In what ways did the Second Vatican Council have an effect on/influence the participation and involvement of the laity in the Church? I’d love to be able to discuss this topic with anyone who is an expert on Vatican II.

The role of the laity was treated particularly in Lumen Gentium, an important Vatican II document. The Catechism often refers to this document in its teachings on the laity. In any case, the understanding of the role of the laity as participating in the kingly, priestly, and prophetic ministry of Christ has deepened and expanded enormously as a result of Vatican II. Aside from LG much can be found in the Catechism here:

It was both a ressourcement as well as a further theological development.

Lumen Gentium is here

Another Decree from Vatican II- on the Apostolate of the Laity is another document.

And post Vatican II - but drawing from it - the very key document:

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