Vatican II


Here’s what guy said to me regarding Vatican II:

“Gaudium et Spes” as part of Vatican II was the: “PASTORAL Constitution on the Church in the Modern World”. If that is the highest authority level to you in terms of dogmatics while you ignore God’s Word in Proverbs 20:30 and there are other like passages…" a rod for the back of fools" etc…then Morning Minion…audit some courses on dogmatics at your local seminary where there are plenty of unused chairs unfortunately. If the non infallible “Splendor of the Truth” written by John Paul also overcomes God’s word for you, it is apposite to remember that he said “war solves nothing” which fortunately he also contradicted in more stable moments…and he called the death penalty “cruel” in 1999 in St. Louis which means it too is intrinsically evil in his mind though his own catechism gives it a grudging place in Catholic tradition while serving up his prudential judgement on modern penology in a catechism where such judgements do not belong… which trust in modern penology’s safety is weekly contradicted by the dangers of prison life due to lifers on the MSNBC series on prisons.
So we have intelligent people weekly watching proof that lifers kill and order murders from prison while they then hear soundbites about a Pope saying that life sentences protect sufficiently.
And we are going to convert intelligent groups rather than our usual easier time with pre literate peoples despite all this? Things that make you go hmmmmmm.


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