Vatican insists on diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine

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The history will show if Ukrainian Catholicism (whose foundation in large degree is state creative foundation) took right direction by choosing military resistance instead of peaceful solution of the problem.

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What is interesting that there were voices among Catholic intellectuals in Ukraine to solve the problem peacefully (not to demonize pro-Russian population, to calm down the extreme nationalists) but later those who paved the long road for this war eventually won.

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Eventually, those who for a long time orchestrated this conflict did not leave the room for the peaceful solution of the conflicts.
I lived in Lviv(the nationalistic capital of Ukraine) for almost 4 years, and I have seen how Russian TV journalists were making provocation news,(fake news about violence against monuments, violence towards world war two veteran’s, the pistols in a hands of ukraine nationalists) a few years before the beginning of the war.
It looked like nationalists are actors and TV journalists are scenarists.
The scenarios were made just for the TV news.
Sometimes I even thought that those extreme nationalists are in reality, undercover Russian special military services.
And meanwhile, the Russian speaking tourists were enjoying the very welcoming, hospitable recreation time in tolerant Lviv restaurants, clubs and hotels.
We could never imagine that some power just paving the road to brainwash the millions of people with Russia-hating radicals.

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Supporting Whom?

That is the question.
Supporting Whom?

Federalism is not a solution, because federalism is abolision of national identity.
The pacifism means the loose of one territory after another and eventually the loose of the state.
Pope is right-the war is an absolute evil, but Ukrainians are also right because here there is the existential threat to a nation.
Also, its better to resist to a monster of authoritarism than to submit to it.
This monster believe that Russia is borderless and must extand, but we had enough of gulag.
So, Ukrainians resisting the future gulags, and the stronger Ukrainian army the more chances to change the history and prevent the world from the future strength and victory of brutal authoritarian model rule.

But it’s a bitter cross for many Ukrainian lads.
Instead of studying European integration they study Kalashnikovs.
Instead of studying tolerance, they study manliness in men and kill the enemy by defending the borders.
And many are killed, almost every day are killed.
Thousands of people already killed.

Profound research :+1:

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