Vatican Investigates Miracle Intercession of Father Emil Kapaun

That article is very interesting!

BUT…reading those comments left by people really hurts my heart. :frowning:

If God is choosing to reveal a new saint, then blessed be His name.

However, keep in mind that if there’s some way the secular media can mess up things about ANYBODY’S church, they will find it.

Oh, I didn’t even read the comments. I didn’t even see them. They don’t bother me. I don’t care to read the sad and hateful comments. I know God is who He is and He does perform miracles. :slight_smile:

Andrea Ambrosi, postulator for the cause of canonization of the Servant of God Father Emil J. Kapuan, will arrive in Wichita on June 26 to investigate at least three healings attributed to …


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