Vatican knew of a cover up?

In the latest scathing allegation against the Catholic church, Pennsylvania’s attorney general said the Vatican knew about a cover-up involving sex abuse allegations against priests.

“I can’t specifically speak to Pope Francis,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro told NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday. But "we have evidence that the Vatican had knowledge of the cover-up."

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Going to be hard to just tell reporters to do their jobs on this one.

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If he has evidence then he should say what that evidence is. I don’t trust this attorney since he has an obvious bias against the Catholic Church. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t knowledge. But he doesn’t interpret facts fairly.

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From reading the article it sounds like the evidence may currently be sealed. The allegations are in the public report, however.

So the evidence is secret? That is too funny. I say that because the biased grand jury report made a big deal to discuss the nefarious ‘secret archive’ of the Church. Of course the grand jury also has a secret archive. This is why this attorney and the report are horribly biased. That doesn’t mean awful things didn’t happen.


Here is food for thought.
Pennsylvania is the 13th largest Catholic State.
Considering all things proportionate and equal.
The numbers could be staggering for the remaining 12 highest Catholic States.


I don’t know how long evidence remains sealed in situations like this. Without a way to corroborate the attorney’s words, however, the accusation is useless so far as the pursuit of Truth goes.

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Our Lady of Akita.

"The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.


If you read the church documents included in the grand jury report, it’s clear that the Vatican knew what was going on. Occasionally, a bishop would resist transferring (or accepting) an abuser priest, and the Vatican would get involved. At one point, Wuerl even went to Rome to argue his case. It’s inconceivable that the Vatican didn’t know.


On this I totally agree. The Vatican had to have known.

The Philadelphia Grand Jury Report IS A FARCE!!!

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has alleged in an 11-page letter that Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis — among other top Catholic Church officials — had been aware of sexual misconduct allegations against former D.C. archbishop Cardinal Theodore McCar­rick years before he resigned this summer. There is no evidence for these allegations.

Here is the letter:

What is an ex-high ranking Vatican diplomat doing, playing patti-cake with an enemy of the Church??? Richard Sipe is mentioned in the letter THREE TIMES. The connection needs highlighting.

[PAT ROBERTSON HOSTS CHURCH CRITIC] (Richard Sipe)(http://pat%20robertson%20hosts%20church%20critic/)

What is an ex-high ranking Vatican diplomat doing, playing patti-cake with an enemy of the Church???

page 3, 3rd paragraph:

“…But finally I learned with certainty, through Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, then-Prefect of the​ Congregation for Bishops, that Richard Sipe ’s courageous and meritorious Statement had had the desired result…”
“that Richard Sipe ’s courageous and meritorious Statement” ???
It gets worse…

On page 5, Vigano accuses Cardinal Weurl of lying TWICE.
Why? Because Cardinal Weurl is close to the Pope, and Vigano and Sipe hate the Pope.


The mainstream media is going ballistic. Half of Catholic media is jumping on the bandwagon. We are under heavy attack, but the gates of Hades will never prevail.

St. Michael, pray for us.

Perhaps the Archbishop nuncio as well as his 2 predecessors at the nunciature, Montalvo and Sambi, had attempted on numerous occasions to bring the problems to legitimate authority….and had been ignored since 2000. The cover-up for McCarrick spanned decades with repeated attempts to address. But the gate-keepers, Secretaries of State to the Pope (Sadono and Bertone), allegedly didn’t forward the information. It was only when Sipe went public (he could because he wasn’t part of the Church hierarchy), Pope Benedict was finally informed and attempted to impose sanctions.

Perhaps the Archbishop watched those who knew and had authority over McCarrick claim that they were “shocked” when the story broke. If he had made them aware and witnessed their attempts to claim no-knowledge, he would know the truth. If even Pope Francis was personally informed and unwilling to address, would it be prudent to just let it continue? Perhaps he saw that the ONLY way to address the filth was to go public. He’s 77 years old. The cover-up for McCarrick started 18 years ago! Did you read all of his testimony?
Did you notice that he cited exactly where to find proofs of his testimony? There is evidence for the allegations.

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