Vatican leaks Information about an ET Presence


"…disclosed inside information about a clandestine meeting in 1954 at California’s Muroc Air Force Base (later named Edwards AFB) involving President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Los Angeles Bishop James Francis McIntyre and an extraterrestrial delegation.

As a result of this meeting the Vatican established and maintains to this day a secret organization - the S.I.V. - that studies and catalogues information relating to ET contact. Hear how a Catholic Bishop was threatened by an American Secret Service agent to maintain silence about this event and more…"

Listen live at 11:00 am.



:hypno: Is this news or another conspiracy theory? :hypno:




Bah, this is just based on some Papal audiences folks misinterpret.


LOL! It’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve seen the ‘smoking man.’ I hardly recognized him!


So did anyone listen to the show? Anything interesting?


Sorry, folks, but “an unnamed Jesuit priest” citing “confidential Vatican sources” doesn’t meet the requirements of CAF news forums. Thread closed.


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