Vatican library plans to digitise 82,000 of its most valuable manuscripts

A rare Roman manuscript featuring the poems of Virgil dating back to 400AD is among thousands of historic items the Vatican’s library plans to publish online.

Vatican Apostolic Library, founded in 1451 and considered one of the world’s most important research libraries, is hoping in the next four years to archive its entire collection of 82,000 manuscripts, comprising more than 41 million pages.

The €8 million (£7 million) project will mean that the Roman Catholic Church’s most precious documents will be available to the public for the first time.

Wow! This is will be wonderful. Can’t wait to dive into that web site when it becomes available!:smiley:

Good for them. It’s at times like this that I love the internet.:slight_smile:

Good to hear! Spreading the Good Word even more! :thumbsup:

This is good; I look forward to being able to see them! Sadly though countless documents were lost thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Time to let bygones be bygones.

This is great. Those who are into Latin will be even more delighted as I’m sure many of these documents have never been translated.



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